December 31, 2015


2015 has come and gone! 
when i looked back at 2015 and all the memories that were created and things that happened i feel so incredibly blessed and thankful. it was such a special year.
this has been my most favorite year and its because of my sweet little andrew. 
i love being a mother. it's the best thing that's ever happen to me besides marrying brandon. 
becoming a mother has changed me and for that change i'm eternally grateful. 
this year has been so fun! 
we got a tent trailer and went camping with andrew many many times...
see here and here and here and here!
i went to the taylor swift concert which was amazing and we got a bike ride carrier that we have enjoyed lots of times. i turned 23 and my most favorite the day andrew was born
that day was the highlight of the year! 
we had many more fun memories during this year it really was so FUN. 
i can't wait to see what next year has in store for us. 
cheers to 2016!!!
last years review and thoughts can be found HERE 

December 30, 2015

christmas day 2015!

the cutest little boy on his first christmas!
it was the best christmas morning with andrew. 
we had all his gifts set up and we sat him down on the ground and he crawled so fast to that ride on toy. it was the best! he looooves it. man oh man christmas with him was the best.
we did start off by saying he's only getting one toy and 
then all of a sudden he kept getting more and more. ha! (spoiled!)
but in the end we were okay with it because that little one had no toys. 
he's out grown all the ones he had before and ever since christmas day he's been in heaven having so many new and fun toys to play with! 
photos from the day below!
^^he loves that toy and before we could open any other gifts we had to play with this for a minute!^^
^^i would have to say besides the ride on toy these are andrew's next favorite. 
they're the best ever!^^
^^the gift that keeps on giving.... that's what brandon would say. ha!^^
^^brandon surprised me with getting us a connect. the day after christmas we spent like 4 hours playing it and its the best. i'm so happy we have it!^^
^^gingerbread waffles at my mother in laws while we were skyping elder grange 
(brandons younger brother) on his mission in africa!^^
^^saying hello to uncle ryan!^^
^^you'll have to excuse my brothers lovely finger in this photo and the other brother with food out of this mouth.... goodness ha!^^ 
^^brandon made my mother this quilt ladder to display her quilts. i loved it!^^
maybe one day i'll make some quilts to display........ha.^^
^^naisbitt family farm hats. andrew isn't to sure about wearing hats yet. ha ha^^
^^after all the parties and houses we went to that day this was later on christmas when they came up to see andrew's gifts and i'm pretty sure luke and lane were having more fun with andrew's new toys than andrew himself! ha^^
^^stop kissing me!!!! -andrew.^^
it was the most lovely christmas day spent as a family and with both of our families. 
this christmas will always be one i remember. 
can't wait for next years! ha!
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December 29, 2015

christmas eve

i could really hint myself right about now. 
i took no pictures on christmas eve. (**%#@$^&!)
that's how i feel about that. 
i guess i was to busy making memories. ha! 
it was the most perfect chritsmas eve. probably my favorite. this year has been my favorite with everything and i'm 99.99% sure its cause of andrew. 
we started off the day by straightening up the house and just being together, 
brandon didn't have to work this year which was the best. 
i made gingerbread men and we watched santa claus 2. 
later on in the day we went to my moms. all of my siblings were there besides my oldest brother. we ate (which we do best) and played games and grandpa even got all the old tractors out for the kids.
it was a good day. 
can't believe christmas has come and gone. 
but i'm excited to see what the next year has in store for us granges!
last years christmas eve can be found HERE 
^^seriously andrew's heaven.^^
can't wait for the summer to go ride the tractor with grandpa! 
hope you had a wonderful christmas eve!

December 23, 2015

gingerbread house!

anyways we decorated a gingerbread house a couple days ago and it seriously is one of my most favorite little traditions we do. i can't wait till andrew is older and helps decorate it.
 i bet it will be way cuter when he helps! ;) 
i love looking back at out photos with our gingerbread houses. 
our first year married one can be found HERE
and last year can be found HERE 
it was a good night with christmas music in the background and making many memories. 
goodness i love the holidays. 
^^watching dad start decorating!^^
^^every year i get to decorate the little gingerbread men!
but i'm sure in the many years to come it will be andrew's duty!^^
 ^^so focused!^^ 
 ^^oh andrew.... you make my world go round!^^
 ^^hahahha don't ask i thought it was funny.^^
^^he's in charge of the icicles... cause he's the bomb at them!^^
annnnnd wallah. 
its so colorful and fun. 
can't wait to see next's year. 
merry christmas eve eve!

December 22, 2015

temple square lights!

last week we went to temple square to see all the beautiful christmas lights! 
two days before it snowed so when we went it looked like a christmas winter wonderland! 
it was beautiful! 
we went to city creek and looked at the beautiful holiday decor and then went to the lights right as it got dark. that's the way to go and beat all the million people there.  definitely doing that next year.
happy almost holidays everyone!
^^that smile..... i'm going to eat him!^^
^^these huge wreaths they have up are so pretty!^^
^^just doing last minute christmas shopping with my best little friend.^^
^^look at the snow on those trees! it was so pretty it almost looked fake!^^
^^his face might not show it but he loved the lights. he just would stare. its so magical with kids!^^
^^they had pink lights and they were my favorite. i told brandon i want pink lights up next year and he said no thats girly! HA!^^
it was a fun festive night with my two most favorite people. 
last year at the lights found HERE 

December 21, 2015

grubbard's christmas party!

on monday night we had the grubbard's christmas party! 
it was a fun night with the family. 
we had an amaazzzing dinner! ham! 
 give me all the ham this season. ha and i do think andrew's favorite "meat" is probably ham. 
he ate a ton. before the party started my mother in law gave us all sweaters and shirts to wear during the party. brandon's is the best, ha! 
and poor me and my sister in law (bottom left photo) long arm problems. boooo. ha
it was a good night with good food, games and fun! 
thank you to my in laws for everything you do! 

December 18, 2015

ogden lights 2015!

ogden lights are one of my favorite christmas traditions! 
we bundled all up and of course andrew was bundled up sooo good. 
ha ha poor little guy couldn't even move but i will say i think he stayed nice and warm. 
he enjoyed looking through the windows at the displays. 
people have said holidays with children are so much more magical and boy they weren't kidding. 
can't wait to keep going to the ogden lights for many years to come! 
^^little boy looking through the window at all the fun holiday displays!^^
^^those cheeks... man i could eat them.^^
^^i spy a snowman!^^
^^blurry but good camera selfie!^^
^^andrew is definitely a grandpas boy. that kid grins ear to ear whenever he see's his grandpa!^^
i love that little boy.
can't wait for christmas morning... i think santa is going to spoil him!
 last year at ogden lights can be found HERE 

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