June 30, 2015

oneida narrows: part 2!

here are the last photos from our camping trip two weekends ago. 
here is part one if you missed it. 
camping is so fun and i'm glad that my whole family does it together. 
a family that camps together stays together. ha! 
^^baby karter went to the river and let me just say he was so cute!^^
^^my cousin jordan has a go pro and he brought it onto the river. i'm so happy he did!^^
^^the peeps make my heart happy!^^
^^getting out back at camp!^^
^^we decided to put andrew in the water and my goodness he was not a fan! we barely dipped his toes in. ha ha but on that note he was super tired and super hungry.^^
^^men and their boys!^^
^^karter trying to attack andrew. hahaha they're going to be the best of bud cousins.^^
^^grandpa's boy!^^
^^guys, being a mom is the best thing in this entire world. nothing makes me happier. 
i thank my lucky stars everyday that i get to be a mama to andrew. 
ps. i think we look alike in this photo.^^
^^oh my heart.^^
^^our lovely home while we camp. it was SO MUCH FUN!^^
^^later that evening brandon and the guys went fishing and came back at dark!^^
^^before we packed up to come home we went on a four wheeler ride. it was very enjoyable!^^
^^please note my two older brothers in these photos. little terds!^^
^^cute baby bump lacey!^^
annnnnd thats a wrap. 
i love camping. can't wait till the other ones. 
part one of oneida narrows found HERE 

June 24, 2015

oneida narrows: part 1!

last weekend we went on our first camping trip of the year in the new tent trailer
it was so so so so so much fun. it was like having your own home camping. it was a good time. 
we were a little nervous wondering how andrew would do since he's only 3 months but he did so good! he slept good at night and took good naps and was just a good baby. 
he's already a little camper. 
it was such a good time filled with lots of yummy food, floating the river,
 games and lots of family time. all my favorite things. 
last year at oneida found HERE
^^we usually float the river in rafts but this year we did it in tubes and it was way more fun!^^
^^thank you gma for always watching andrew while we floated the river!^^
^^4 generation photo!^^
^^he loved the tent trailer!^^
annnnnnd that's a wrap on the first part. 
ps. andrew's cheeks/neck is getting outta hand. hahahahaha 

June 23, 2015

planting strawberries!

we love strawberries and we wanted to plant a bunch this year! 
thank you to pinterest and brandon we decided to do a cinder block wall 
full of them plus a few flowers. it turned out great. 
summer time is the best time. 

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