September 25, 2015

andrew's nursery!

finally getting around to posting andrew's nursery! 
we've had his room done before he was born but hey 6 months later i'm sharing it. 
i won't ever forget the memories of painting, decorating and getting all the furniture for this room with the hubby. we had late night paintings and putting the crib up and driving to ikea late at night to get the dresser. those memories i'll always cherish.
when i found out i was having a baby boy i looked on pinterest for ideas for baby boy rooms and everything for a boy was dark green or navy and i'm not the biggest fan of those colors. 
i wanted something different and my style! 
finally we decided on the colors mint, black, gray and white. 
i loved how it all turned out. brandon and i always say its our favorite room in the house! 
here are some photos of andrew's little nursery below! 
nothing is more fun when you're pregnant and you're getting your baby's room ready!
also thank you to my wonderfully talent mother who practically sewed everything in this room.  
you're the best and we're so lucky to have you!
here is a blog post of what the room looked like before it was all done. 
boy it sure has came a long way! ha 

September 22, 2015

feeding the ducks!

on sunday we went and feed the ducks at the duck pond! 
this was andrew's first time there! he just stared at the ducks and wanted to eat the bread! ha
 we always talked about taking our children there and feeding the ducks and now its actually happening! we're doing what we always talked about! so crazy. 
ps. andrew looks so big and long in that photo!! he's determined to not stay little. 
here you can find a blog post of brandon and i at the duck pond way before we were parents! 

September 21, 2015

happy 23 birthday to me!

im 23 years old! 
i feel like that's soooo much older than 22. ha!
andrew woke up extra early because i think he wanted to get the party started and to see daddy before he left for work. it worked out good because i got to open one gift
 in the morning from brandon. which was a birthday shirt! 
later on my mother and i went to gardner village and shopped around and had some lunch. 
i love that place. on my birthday is was super rainy all day long. i can't remember the last time it has rained on my birthday or if it ever has so that was a change. we had to carry umbrellas around! 
after we went to brandons work and hubby and i and andrew went to city creek and did a little more shopping and went to the cheesecake factory. (which was delicious!) 
afterwards we came home and finally opened some presents ha!
it was a lovely day and i got spoiled! 
i'm exicted to see what happens in this next year! 
^^my brother and sister in law decorated my bedroom. 
it made my day and made me feel so special!^^
^^it was a down pour at gardner village all day! we were crazy to stay and shop around in it!^^
^^my mother and i in her favorite fabric store. i don't sew but i will admit there was darling material and she was totally in heaven!^^
^^THOSE BLUE EYES. (waiting for daddy to get out of work!)
^^my talented mother made me this pillow and i LOVE it.!^^
^^hubby bought me a cake and honestly that jester was so thoughtful and cute!^^
^^andrew being all mesmerized by the candles!^^
me at 23 with my little man. 
i'm pretty sure one day i'll look at this photo and say "boy! i was young!" ha! 
thank you hubby for everything you did and thanks mama too. i'm a lucky gal! 
ps. last year's birthday found HERE and 2013 birthday found HERE

September 17, 2015

happy 6 months andrew!

happy 6 months my little love! 
how in the world is my little baby 6 months old? half of a year? what! 
honestly i'm a little sad over it. time needs to slow down. as andrew gets older he's getting more fun and silly and talkativeand playful and on top of all that 
he's coming the most mama's boy i have ever seen! (i love it!)
*little andrew within the last month*
-loves playing with straps or strings
-has started panting when he wants or needs something 
-wearing size 3 and 3-6 and 6 month clothing ha
-wearing size 2 diapers 
-thinks daddy is the most fun 
-sleeping every 5-6 hours at night and waking up to eat then back to sleep 
-goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up around 6:30 (early riser!) 
-loves his mama 
-is a chatter and talks all the time 
-loves kissing his mama 
-weighs 15 1.5 pounds
-height 27 1/2 inches 
-10% weight, 86% height and 73% head
-takes three 45 minute naps and one 2-3 hour one 
-starting to have stranger danger and separate anxiety
-started rolling over 
-loves baby food and almost eating 2 jars a night and half in the morning 
-likes getting his diaper changed ha! 
-loves swinging and bouncing on the bed
-still only has two teeth  
-has started to try and scoot a hand full of times
-the most sweetest, happiest, best head of hair baby ever. 
 happy 6 months andrew. 
you make everyone around you so happy especially your daddy and mama! 
your smile and little giggles make our heart explode. 
thank you for being the blessing you are to us! 
last months update found HERE 

September 14, 2015

labor day and birthday party!

on labor day we had a little cookout and a tiny little birthday party for me. 
my birthday is tomorrow (whaoo!) but this was the one time all my siblings could be there together to celebrate! we had yummy food and played some volleyball, lighting, jump rope and hands up stands up! ha ha my mother baked a yummy cake and we enjoyed a good time together. 
^^we always have the best foods!^^
^^he loves swinging!^^
^^ha ha this photo just shows the pure joy andrew is having while swinging!^^
^^hahahah why so many pictures?! that's what these boys think!^^
^^i have the most cutest nephews in the world!^^
^^jessie you stinker. ha!^^
^^23 candles... so so old!^^
i love my little blue eyed baby.
labor day was a good day filled with lots of family and fun time. 
happy birthday to meeee!

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