September 24, 2018

happy 11 months emmett!

11 months old today!!!
The fact that next month you turn one is really hurting my mama heart!!
Emmett is really at a fun age right now.
He has always brought joy but he's pure joy!
Happiest and easiest baby!
I really hope this next month goes extra slow just for my mama heart. 

*some things about emmett within the last month*

-loves to play peekaboo and moves his body side to side to play it 
-waves goodbye 
-started to walk, still crawls but takes a few steps
-says cheese when he gets his picture taken
-can say mama, dada and cheese
-signs all done 
-loves to climb onto everything and stand up on risky things 
-wears 6-9 months and 9 month clothing 
-has 7 teeth 
-loves to yell and hear his voice
-takes 2-3 naps 
-started to give kisses
-loves loves loves food, he can always be eating 
-wearing size 3 diapers 
-loves the water 
-loves to be outside and cries if we don't take him out there
-started to play clean if he has a wash cloth 
-loves to play with big toy cars 
-still knows his nickname as tiny 

love you little emmett. 
thank you for being our tiny!

September 17, 2018

One Second everyday - August

one second everyday for august!
What a perfect summer this year was!!! It was a great august filled with lots of memories.

August 24, 2018

happy 10 months emmett!!

happy 10 months baby boy!!
The fact that his birthday is in 2 months is just freaking me out.
he's at such a fun stage right now but it still doesn't make it any easier. 
I love this happy smily baby!

*some things about emmett within the last month*

-has 7 teeth that have poked through 
-took his first 2 steps 
-loves to play chase and peekaboo 
-sticks one hand in the air and talks 
-takes 2-3 naps 
-loves to play with andrew and tackle him 
-always is standing 
-loves to be outside
-starting to throw a little fit if he doesn't get what he wants
-loves taking a bath 
-loves to crawl to the bathroom and tries to play with the toilet 
-crawled up stairs for the first time 
-loves to play in the fridge or dishwasher 
-always waving or clapping 
-got his first little haircut
-favorite toy to play with his the toy riding car 
-starting to be really loud and yells with excitement 
-getting shy with new people and he tries to hide his face into me 
-wearing size 3 diapers 
-wearing 6 month, 6-9 month and 9 month clothing 
-he makes engine sounds while playing with cars 
-his little personality is starting to come out

We adore you emmett!! 
Thank you bringing everyone so much joy!!  

August 8, 2018

one second everyday - july

july was one of my favorite months! 
we spent the month spending lots of time with cousins and family and outdoors. 
what a great summer it has been! 

Bear Lake

bear lake was the best time. 
we went on one last camping trip with jake and jyl before they left and it was so much fun! 
we enjoyed the time playing cards, relaxing, enjoying each other and yummy food, fun day at the lake and much more. I love camping and love doing it with all my family! 
video above and photos below. 

July 24, 2018

happy 9 months emmett!

nine months old today! 
It can't believe he's been alive as long as it took to grow him! 

these 9 months have been pure joy with emmett. 
he's always happy and his sweet spirit just feels our home. 
we all completely adore you emmett. 

*some things about emmett within the last month*

-has 4 teeth that have poked through 
-LOVES LOVES LOVES big people food 
-he could eat all dang long 
-learned to wave
-almost can stand up on his own
-loves to stand up on everything 
-takes 2-3 naps, two 45 minute ones and 2-3 hour one 
-still the happiest baby 
-wearing size 3 diapers 
-18.5 pounds 
-30 inches tall 
-30% weight, 96% height, and 50% head
-wearing 6 months and 6-9 month clothing 
-still eats some baby food but prefers big people food 
-loves sleeping on his tummy 
-knows his nickname as tiny 
-started to be sneaky 
-loves to play with balls
-his little personality is starting to show more
-always is talking 
-started to say mama 
-smiles with his lip covered 
-squints his eyes
-crys when mama leaves the room 
-loves to play with andrew and andrews toys 
-likes to rest his head on my shoulder to fall asleep

goodness, time needs to slow down before I just ball my eyes out. 
love you little emmett!! 

July 17, 2018

Lagoon 2018!

we took andrew to lagoon over the weekend and it was so much fun!! 
seeing his excitement and joy on his face while he rode the rides 
was just priceless. I hope he never loose's his spirit!
Andrew also rode a roller coaster for the first time and it was hilarious hahaha
don't know if that makes us mean or good parents. 
Photos of the night below!

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