April 10, 2017

luke's mission call!

my baby brother got his mission call last week! 
here comes all the tears. 
i'm so excited for him but also really sad. 
luke is such a fun brother and always can make me smile AND 
he's the best uncle. andrew really adores luke. 
he loves to go to grandma's because "uke" will be there
and when we facetime my mom, andrew is always asking for "uke."
new mexico you're getting the best! 
now let's hope may 31 doesn't come soon. ;)
^^he's the cutest little brother... and you too lane!^^
^^can you tell we're siblings?^^
^^this is how i really feel^^
^^andrew you have the very best "chhhhhheeessee!"
^^hands up because he's happy for uncle luke.... NOT if he only knew!^^

April 4, 2017

one second everyday - march

here is one second everyday for the month of march! 
this month was a great one. 
andrew's turned 2, lots of photoshoots and lots of time outside. 
here is january and februarys
ps. blogger shaylee surprised me and did a highlight of me! 
her words were so nice it made my whole day. 
thank you shaylee!!! 
that can be found HERE

March 20, 2017

andrew's 2nd birthday!

little andrew turned 2 on friday! 
we had the best day celebrating him! 
we started the day off with presents and his favorite breakfast. 
smoothie, sausage and pancakes! 
photos of his special day below! 
i only choose a few cause i didn't want you scrolling for days. :)
^^this face!!!! i LOVE him. i'll just say the tractor was a great idea. 
i'd say it was his favorite present he got!^^
^^all day long on his birthday he kept saying "presents, presents!" ha ha^^
^^he did so good opening them all up by myself! 
look at that smile opening up a choo choo!^^
^^this was on the way to the mall and let me just say... those blue eyes still get me.^^
^^daddy's best little buddy!^^
^^this is when the train was coming.... guys look how happy he is! pure joy!^^
^^we took andrew to the mall to ride the train! 
he loved it besides when we left daddy behind for one ride!^^
^^we went to our favorite spot for lunch... burger bar! 
they give you a sucker with your meals and we normally hide the suckers from andrew 
but since it was his birthday we decided to let him have one and this was coming home! haha^^
^^that evening we had a small little party for this guy and he was all about it! 
he loved having all his cousins there, opening more presents 
and having his favorite pizza for dinner!^^
^^look at that grin! he loved his birthday! 
and nothing made me happier than seeing him so happy all day!^^
eating his birthday cake on his special plate! 
he really had the best day. 
last years birthday found HERE

March 17, 2017

andrew turns 2!

my little baby is 2 years old. 
when and how did that happen i don't know but one things for sure. 
i love him, i love him, i love him! 
we're going to be celebrating your birthday ALL DAY LONG! 

andrew's favorite things right now at 2 years old. 
-choo choo trains. he's obsessed and i love it! 
-smoothies. every day he wants to make one and the excitement
 on his face when we do is just pure joy. 
-going to grandmas house. i think he asks every day to go! 
-tractors. he really loves to tip them like mater does. 
-going for walks. he loves to be outside and he's been all about going for walks lately! 
-he loves to cook. he's recently learned how to open the oven so he's about that, 
making smoothies, pancakes and eggs are his favorite things to cook. 

he's starting to come the little talker. 
he even can say 2-3 word sentences. 
he loves to dance and anytime music comes on, he busts a move. 
he's the best little kisser and randomly he will just come up and kiss my leg or my arm.
he loves church and playing with his cousins. 
he's the happiest little fella and we sure do love his spunkiness! 

i love you andrew. 
i love this little boy you are and the little boy you're becoming. 
i'm so thankful and blessed to be your mama! 
have the best 2nd birthday! 

March 3, 2017

valentines 2017!

is it to late to blog about valentines? 
i'm slacking in the blogging department lately and two reasons. 
one. freaking dead of winter and not doing a dang thing, therefore nothing to blog about. 
annnnd two. i have been busy with other things. 
sorry little blog.. i haven't forgot about you. 
valentines day was a good one. brandon went to work and he came home with the prettiest red roses 
for me and my favorite treat... hi-chews! 
we made our favorite pasta meal and had cheesecake and then watched a movie as a family. 
it was a good valentines.
ps. andrew's smile in the first picture!! hahahah he's the best at saying "cheeeeese for photos."
^^i don't think brandon has ever gotten me a dozen red roses and i loved them. 
soooo pretty! thanks hubby!^^
and my little valentines. 
so lucky to have two valentines in my life. 

March 1, 2017

one second everyday - february

here is my one second everyday video for the month of february. 
this was a great month... but i'm SO ready for some spring now. 
gimme some sunshine and being outside please!
some things to be remembered...
when brandon taught andrew how to start a car. ha!
andrew learning to say "save me, and come home."
when andrew found the markers and colored all over his hand.
last month one second everyday video can be found HERE

February 15, 2017

little memories

as we drove up to the church building 
i hear you're little sweet voice in the back seat saying, "chuch chuch." 
little andrew looooves church. he's a handful to keep quite during sacramenting meeting 
but he's all about the bread and water. he sits so patiently waiting for it to come down our row.
andrew's all about nursery too. he loves the toy train in there. 
seeing his sweet little spirit already loving going to church just makes my mama heart happy. 

if i go into another room or walk down the hall at home, 
i hear andrew yell, "MOM.....MOM....MOM!" 
it's the best. i love that he always has to know where i'm at or where i'm going.

andrew's latest obsession is smoothies. 
he always goes to the pantry and points at the blender and goes, "MOOODDIE." 
the other day i said let's go watch a movie and he thought i was saying lets go make a smoothie. 
he really is the cutest. 

he's the best help. 
he loves to help me cook, unload the dishwasher and fold the laundry.
and he's the best at throwing things away in the garbage.   

he loves to go to grandmas. it's his favorite place i'd say. 
i hope he always has a love to go there. 
we just love our grandma!

andrew 2nd birthady will be here before we know it! 
my mama heart needs time to slow down. 
i sure do love my little partner in crime. 

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