March 17, 2020

Happy 5 Birthday Andrew!

Happy Birthday to this FIVE year old! 
 I can’t believe he is 5!! 
Andrew is full of life and we are so grateful he’s our little boy! 
He loves legos, transformers, trains, being outside, riding his bike and doing all boy things! 
He’s so smart. We call him our little genius. 
He loves to color, draw and write his name and read books. 
He’s the best caring brother. 
He loves mac and cheese and burger bar.
He loves PJ Masks, Peter Pan and any transformer show.
His favorite color is green! 

I love him with my whole heart and wish time would slow down! 
Happy birthday my sweet, crazy, smart genius! 

October 24, 2019

Emmett turns 2!!

Happy 2nd birthday Emmett!! 

I can't believe my baby is 2.
It really hurts my heart that my baby is officially two.
This last year snuck up on me.
But Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Emmett brings so much joy to my life and everyone else's.
He is sweet and perfect.
Some things about Emmett at 2 years old.
His brother
The color Blue
Micky Mouse and Pluto

He loves to follow Andrew around and be Andrews best little friend and shadow.
He loves to play outside and play in the sandbox.
He is a lover of his grandpa!
He has been saying he wants papa at his party and he wants papa for his birthday!
He is a major mama's boy and loves to be near me.
He loves his binky!

I love that you say whaoo whenever your happy or excited or want something.
I love that you ask why.
You also love to play playdough and love to read books.
You don't like your shoes or socks on and you are still such a lover of food.
You don't have a favorite food because you love anything!
He does a runny mad face to act tough while he runs and I never want to forget that little face. 
Emmett really is so sweet.
Everyone knows him will say the same.
Love you baby boy! Happy Birthday! 

March 17, 2019

happy birthday to andrew!!

happy 4th birthday andrew!!!
I must have blinked and my baby is 4.
He brings so much joy and life to my life!
His smile and giggle lights up the room and my world.
I thank heavenly father that he gave me you.
Thank you for being my twin and for making me a mama 4 years ago.

Some things about andrew at 4 years old!
PJ Masks 
Puzzles and Play Dough 
Being outside and riding his bike

He loves to play with cousins, his little brother emmett and loves to be at grandmas house.
He loves his chocolate milk and loves to help us cook.
He is super fast when he uses his super cat speed 
and super strong when he uses his super gekko muscles.
Your favorite books are going on a bear hunt and no david.
I love that you stick your tongue is out when you think
and you love to do things that require so much thinking.
He has the best imagination and we just adore him.

Happy 4th birthday Andrew!

January 7, 2019

December 31, 2018

2018! What a great year!!!

2018 was a great year for us!!!
we spent lots of our time doing what we love.
being outside and gardening, camping, swimming!
Some big highlights were going to the Taylor Swift concert and going to kauai!!!
Its been a fun year watching both my boys grow and play!
Out of all the things i've done this year being with my boys and being present has been my very favorite!!!
Can't wait for 2019 and see what happens there!! 

December 11, 2018

Emmett First Year In Video!

my sweet angel baby emmett. 
somehow this video was a year but it felt like 3 days.
I made a video like this with andrew and now emmett and i'm not going to admit how many times i've watched my babies grow up in these videos.
I will treasure these forever. 

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