January 8, 2018

emmett's baby blessing

on sunday was emmett's baby blessing! 
It was the perfect sunday!! 
brandon gave sweet little emmett the most precious blessing. 
Days like those really make my mama heart happy. 
emmett thank you for being in our life, we completely adore you! 

January 3, 2018

one second everyday - december

one second everyday for the month of december! 
can you believe i've done this every day for the whole year of 2017?!
Kinda crazy but also so fun to see one tiny second from each day. 
we have been watching all of them and how little was andrew last january?! 
kinda hurts my heart.
such a fun little memories, i'm so glad i did it! 
here you can watch them all.

December 31, 2017

goodbye 2017!

2017 was such a wonderful year!!!!

my most favorite part was having sweet little emmett join our family. 
2017 will always mark one of my favorite years cause of that little one. 
we're all pretty smitten over him. 

lots of fun memories to look back on this year as well. 
being pregnant with precious emmett, lots of fun camping trips, 
taking andrew to lagoon, planting flowers, uncle luckey going on a mission
 and many more fun memories. 

another big thing that happened this year was we started two businesses!

It has been such a fun ride with those two businesses this year.
and we're so thankful to be able to have those two businesses! 

I can't wait to see what 2018 brings to our little family! 
cheers to a new year!!!!!! 

December 24, 2017

happy two months emmett!

happy two months baby boy! 
little emmett brings so much joy to our life! 
he makes mama, daddy and andrew all so happy! 
we have been in pure happiness the last two months with him here.
*little emmett within the last month*
-started to suck his hands
-always is smiling
-wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothing
-just started to wear size 1 diapers
-eats every 3-4 hours during the day and 4-5 hours at night 
-loves the swing
-25 inches inches tall 
-11 pounds and 5 ounces
-likes to be in the bath
-started to watch us walk away 
-knows who mommy is
-loves to talk 
-stays awake for 1-1.5hr during naps 
-loves to stand and look around
we love you little emmett!!!!
^^so much love for this one!^^
^^always sucking his hands!^^
love you so much emmett! 
first month can be found HERE

December 17, 2017

going to see santa!

over the weekend we took the boys to see santa!
we kept telling andrew we were going to go see santa and he needed to tell santa what he wanted for christmas (big mack trailer!) but the second we got in there he was not having it! ha ha
and of course i'm the mean mom who makes him sit on santa's lap for a picture. 
christmas is in a week!!! 
i can't wait for christmas morning and for santa to visit and to see andrew be so excited! 
hope you have a lovely holiday filled with lots of joy and love! 
photos from seeing santa below!
^^sweet little emmett's first time seeing santa!^^
^^this picture makes me laugh... 
every photo andrew has ever got with santa, he hasn't been having it^^
^^telling santa what he wanted but covering his eyes to do it! ha!^^
^^seriously cutest santa ever!^^
me and my little big boy! 

December 5, 2017

one second everyday - november

one more month of these and than its a new year!!! 
just insane. 
november was a good month. lots of snuggles with a new little emmett. 
we all are just so in love with him. 
cheers to december and BRING ON THE SNOW!

December 1, 2017

decorating the christmas tree 2017!

happy december 1st! 
Its christmas time officially now and i'm so happy about it! 
last two years we've made a video of us decorating the christmas tree so i've continued that this year! 
We love watching them and its so fun to see how big andrew is from the first one we did!
I'm sure next year i'll be saying... look how tiny emmett was! 
cheers to christmas time!
last years video found HERE 
and 2015 found HERE

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