July 17, 2018

Lagoon 2018!

we took andrew to lagoon over the weekend and it was so much fun!! 
seeing his excitement and joy on his face while he rode the rides 
was just priceless. I hope he never loose's his spirit!
Andrew also rode a roller coaster for the first time and it was hilarious hahaha
don't know if that makes us mean or good parents. 
Photos of the night below!

July 9, 2018

Oneida Narrows

we go here every year and we LOVE it. 
its a good weekend filled with lots of cousin time, floating the river, 
being outdoors and I even finished a book!
Camping is our happy place and andrew loves going.
here are some photos from the trip....
summer stay F O R E V E R
^^last oneida trip we took a prego picture and now one year later here we are with our babies!^^
last year at oneida found here 

July 3, 2018

One second everyday - June

didn't anyone else feel like june was only like a day long?
I can't believe how fast june came and went! 
Summer slow down!!!! 

June 24, 2018

happy 8 months emmett!

happy 8 months little emmett! 
I believe that in the first year of a baby's life we notice each milestone, like celebrating each month mark so when there first birthday comes its not so hard on us moms. ha! 
I tell brandon that I might just keep having babies because they grow up so dang fast and I just don't think i'll ever be ready to not have a tiny little human again. 

Emmett is pure joy and happiness. 
He is the happiest baby. Really ask anyone who knows him! 
He's always smiling and just joy! 


*some things about emmett within the last month*  
-learned to clap 
-pulling himself onto things
-tacks andrew ha
-loves the water especially bath time. he crawls so fast to the bathroom when he hears the water on
-laughs when people make funny faces
-went camping for the first time 
-wearing size 2 diapers
-takes 3 naps, takes two 45 minute ones and one 2-3 hour one
-got sick for the first time
-loves to eat real people food 
-wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothing
-whimpers and pants for more food
-loves drinking water
-got his first burn
-got the nickname tiny
-starting to take off his diaper
-loves the song the greatest show off greatest showman 
-loves to crawl and follow andrew everywhere 

we love you little guy NOW STOP GROWING! 

June 21, 2018

one second everyday - may 2018!

may was crazy and fun! 
best part was going to the taylor swift concert! 

May 29, 2018

dinosaur park!

we took the kids one saturday to dinosaur park and andrew loved it! 
he thought the dinosaurs were real and he really enjoyed the playground there. 
it was fun to see his little imagination! 
we really have fun making these home videos because andrew loves watching them and it helps him remember all the adventures we do. 
cheers to summer baby! 

a night in park city!

two weeks ago we went to park city for the weekend! 
we went for one night and we had a blast! 
We went and ate yummy pizza, road the free trolly (which andrew loved)
got yummy ice cream and hot tubed and swam at the hotel. 
It was fun night and the next morning we took it slow by doing some more swimming 
and shopping.
hotels are always fun but i'd be lying if i wasn't ready to take our trailer out! 

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