December 17, 2015

happy 9 months andrew!

happy 9 months my little boy! 
this last month with you has been a wild one. you're turning into a little boy and its so fun and exciting but also hurts my mama heart. stay little forever.
i love that you're my baby andrew you make me so happy! 
Can't believe he's been out in this world as long as he was in me! 9 months flew by! 
*little andrew within the last month*
-only eats big people food. wants nothing with baby food! 
-started clapping 
-got his 3rd haircut (super short!)
-squints his eyes
-loves to sleep on tummy
-had his first fever
-pulls himself onto everything
-says mama the most and knows mama means me 
-knows dada means dad but doesn't say it as often as mama 
-sleeps through most nights
-loves to shower
-cries when he see's mama leave the room
-loves animals
-weighs 17.4 and is 28 inches tall!
-loves going outside
-started yelling 
-loves his teddy bear, the remote control truck and the dancing chicken
-loves to stand all the time 
-starting biting 
-first time riding in the grocery cart in the little seats
-gives high fives
-slept for the first time in the crib
-wearing size 3 diapers
-wearing 6 months and 9 month clothing 
-fake cries 
-has 7 teeth but another one poking through
-started loving books especially the touchy feel ones 
-takes 2-3 naps a day but mostly 2
-scoots around like crazy. will get in crawling position and go two or three times then goes to scoot
-thinks daddy is the most fun and still likes mama the best!
last month update found HERE 


  1. He is SO cute! And look at all those teeth :)

    1. so so much teeth! i thought he wouldn't get teeth till he was one... boy was i wrong! ha
      and thank you SO much! xo


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