August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I love when people do throwback Thursday's... so i'm going to start doing them. This photo will 
be one WHOLE year old in a couple days. isn't that scary? Tomato Days is this weekend, and 
that's what this photo is from. Its fun to see how far the husband and I have come. 
I had a major crush on him here, and I still do. 

August 27, 2013

Mama's Garden and Salsa Making

This weekend we got to make my mama's salsa with her, plus keep some which is always a 
bonus. I have always known salsa took a lot of work, but not this much work. holy cow. It took 
two whole days, but its completely worth it. Beats the store bought stuff any day. My mama has always had the best garden, but i'm finally realizing how neat it is. (marriage eyes does something to ya), its so big and has so many choices of food. Brandon and I decided if we're ever stranded that's where we will be going. anyways, 
This picture does not show the other 4726394 other tomatoes we picked. Our hands were green. 
Here are some other photos of the garden. (I'm super jealous of it, I will have a garden someday)
^^that has 2 more months to grow and its already so huuuuge^^
^^husking corn for the cows^^
^^check out that tomato, it was bigger than my hand^^
^^husband did an excellent job stirring that for 2 hours^^
Those are tomatoes canned for spaghetti sauce, taco soup, and whatever else you can think of. 
I had fun canning salsa with mama and learning how to do it. Maybe, (maybe) one day I'll can all by myself....well with husbands help of course. I'm glad people still can now days, and not just go to the store and buy it. I'm thankful I have such a talented mama, and a helping husband. 
see you next year tomatoes! 

August 25, 2013


Well.......guess what! We're Primary Teachers!! 
    Personally, I think its weird and fun all at the same time. I find it super weird that i'm old enough to be a primary teacher, I mean for real wasn't I just barely there??!! (kidding, kidding).
We're super happy about it though, we get the 4-5 years old. Talk about cute. 
We already got games were going to play with them, treats to bring, and much more. I'm thankful I get to share this experience with the hubby, plus be with him the whooooole time at church. 
Talk about a win win here. love you husband and I can't wait to share this experience with you! 

August 23, 2013

Picnic in the Park

  Every year before school starts my mom + siblings go to Layton Hill's Park. We've been doing that for +20 years or so. We pack up all the picnic supplies and head over there, this park was my 
favorite as a child. The playground was so huuuuge, and the best part is that there is a river with 
ducks, so you could feed them. It was always more exciting at this park, then any other.
 (i'm guessing because of the ducks). 
This year we couldn't do it the day right before school starts since half the kids are out of school, 
and have jobs so last Sunday we all got together and went. I'm so happy that as we grow older we 
still do the little kid traditions that we use to do. 
oooohh. p.s. ^^that's husband and I messing around on the playground^^

^^Being an auntie is so fun sometimes^^ 

                                  ^^homemade chocolate covered strawberries I did myself^^

                                     ^^I'm going to miss wearing sandals and skirts, i love them^^

    that would be my brother who doesn't follow the rules, and literally took the duck right from
     the fence!! Leave it to him to do something crazy, we were all just watching and waiting for the        duck to bite him. ha ha poor duck, it was so scared, leave it to my family to do something crazy.

                       Attempting to take a half way decent photo, thanks again Layton for the fun time!

August 19, 2013

My Flowers

Seriously, all those flowers make me the happiest girl. I love pulling into the driveway and seeing them, or walking out to the lawn and trimming them. I'm claiming these to be my flowers, and not the husbands. I never had a green thumb before, but I'm hoping that I will now. I kinda like gardening.... doesn't mean I know how, but I like it. Next year we will have more flowers, and even start our own garden. (hoping)!!
Thank you mother nature for our pretty lawn we love very much. 

August 17, 2013

Dear Ikea

Dear Ikea, 
I think we're coming best friends. I feel like the husband and I are always there. I just wanted to say a quick thanks for the cheap dinner that was oh so good, and the yummy ice cream that saved me from being done with shopping. You're truly the best. 
Love your happy customers
Jennie and the Husband. 

August 15, 2013

My Two Homes

   These are flowers from my parent's house. Seriously, so many and so pretty. I'm very jealous. I hope one day my yard will at least be somewhat like my mothers. Yesterday was a really good day, 
I got to go spend a few hours at the parent's house. Ever since moving away I've realized how 
special that house is to me, and how lucky I was to live there. Growing up I sometimes would wish 
for a bigger house, sometimes one with a pool. But growing up I've realized my parent's house
literally has everything. The BEST backyard in the world, it has so much room to run and play, the forest on the side of our house that we would play numerous hours in, and best part I think the neighbors aren't close by. 
Being married has been the best thing in the world, I love it. I love becoming my own person, making my own time schedule, my own meals, doing what we want when we want it. It truly is the best. 
But I've been realizing that whenever I go back to the parent's house it almost hurts. When i'm leaving there its like i'm leaving home, and coming home. I know its only been 2 and half months, but the sting is still there. Sadly, its not even missing my family, its more missing my home. Hooper will always be my first love. Everything is different there, the smell, the people, everything. I hope and pray that when I have little ones that they will have the lifestyle I did growing up. 
Hooper I love you, and you'll always be my home.
 and for my new home, I sure do love you too. 

August 13, 2013

Mirror Lake 2013

 Lets just take a moment to appreciate all the hard work god did/does for us. Seriously, its moments like these that really make me realize how blessed we are. God could have just stuck us on a planet with nothing, but instead created beautiful lakes and mountains for us to enjoy + much more. 
    Every year we go to Mirror Lake in mid-August and every time I look forward to it. For so many       reasons. No cell phone service, best camping food ever, the water, the fish, and simply just the wild mountain life it has to offer. I'm so thankful my family does little camping trips like these. 

^^and that's why its called Mirror Lake^^
  Brandon is so cute. He's trying/becoming a cute little fisherman like my brothers and dad. I use to         hate going fishing, and now I don't hate it, buuuut if you keep me fishing for over a hour I might start     getting impatient. Sometimes its like fishy's where are you, come get the yummy bait, and then bam.      nothing. I guess i'm just not patience. But sometimes your lucky and you get a bight, and then that's when the real fun happens.  

                                       ^^I always feel so bad for the little guys after we kill them.^^
^^my two favorite men^^
^^don't you just love how you look when you go camping??!!^^
   I know this photo might look fake, but its not. My cousin Jordan captured it. The stars there at night are simply breathtaking, that really is the only word to describe them. It blows your mind away. Husband and I just kept was a very nice moment. 
On the way home we got stuck in traffic and was told it would be 20 mins before we could get out.
It was the Tour of Utah Bike Ride. So instead of sitting in the car forever, we decided to grab some treats, lawn chairs and go watch, and boy was that exciting. Those bikers are so in shape its nuts! 
Very Very talented, it was a neat experience to watch. 
Well Mirror Lake you never let me down, thanks for all the fun and adventure you give to us! 

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