September 8, 2015


i have known about this concert since last October
 and had tickets since the first week of last December and it finally came!!  
my goodness i was so excited and also a little nervous that was the first time i left andrew that long. 
he did great though (thanks grandma!) 
man oh man let me just say she knows how to put on a show. 
we were running a little late and once we got to the gateway for dinner EVERYTHING was packed. long lines and long waits for food and we were starving! 
we decided to go to the food court and grab some chinese food. 
we headed to the concert after and people were everywhere.
 i can't imagine what bigger stadiums she plays at are like. 
it was the best night ever. i sang my heart out and danced and stood in awe most of the times. 
here are some photos of the night below!
^^there was about 20 or more of these semi trucks!^^
^^since we didn't spend a lot on dinner it was a must to get some cotton candy! ha.^^
^^sister in law was lucky enough to get tickets that day!^^
^^annnnnnd maybe we got some ice cream too!^^
^^vance joy opened for her and he did good. i don't really know who he is besides 
one song he sang but he sure does have talent!^^
^^welcome to new york!^^
^^i've got a blank space baby + i'll write your name!^^
^^the lights at the concert were insane and magical and wonderful!^^
^^are we out of the woods?!!^^
shake it off all you haters! 
it was a great night. she sang all her songs plus old ones like "love story 'and "you belong with me" and an awesome guitar/rock version of "we are never ever getting back together." 
my favorite songs from her 1989 album are clean and blank space. 
but i'd have to say at the concert her performance of bad blood was AMAZING! 
i love you taylor. 
love your bff you don't know about, jennie. 


  1. It looks like you had the best time. I'm so happy for you.

    I love Taylor too and I would love to see her in concert one day.

    Your shirt is so pretty. Where did you get it?

    Amy @

    1. you totally should! shes the best!!
      i got it last year for christmas and i believe it was from forever 21!


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