July 31, 2015

lunch date with daddy!

yesterday we had a little lunch date with daddy! 
andrew and i got in the car and got some subway sandwiches and we met at a little park by hubby/daddy's work. it was such a treat. andrew adores his daddy. 
and of course we had to put andrew in the swing. he actually liked it until daddy 
started pushing him to high. ha! 
summer never end and cheers to more lunch dates. 
happy weekend ya'll! 

July 29, 2015

downata 2015!

last weekend we went to my mom's side family reunion at downata hot springs. 
we do it every year at the same place and the same time. 
it was little andrew's first time there. the water is warm so he was very relaxed in it! 
he's such a little champ camping. he practically slept through the night up there!
 i wish he would do that at home. ha ha 
here are some photos of the trip below! 
^^first time the new car pulled the trailer. it did it wonderfully!^^
^^hahaha little andrew all relaxed laying back with his shades on.^^
^^we got lucky when it came to the water slides everytime we would go on them andrew either fell asleep in his stroller or in someones arms so brandon and I got to go on them for a few times!^^
^^he liked the water but towards the end a bigger man splashed him and it scared him so after that he was done. ha ha^^
^^hanging in our little tent trailer!^^
^^andrew's so funny. he's been doing this whenever he's in his stroller, putting up his legs like that and being alllll relaxed.^^
^^the little cooks of the weekend. camping food is the best food hands down!^^
^^siblings and their babies! andrew's like uh mom..i'm your baby!^^
^^can't believe karter is turning 1! he's such a little boy now!^^
^^the second we get to the pool he falls asleep. wonderful timing.
ps. i'm pretty sure that's a shadow and not a bruise on my arm! haha^^
^^my little brother being not so little anymore.^^
^^lacey i can't wait for you to have that sweet baby girl!^^
^^my girl cousins who i just adore.^^
^^cutest parents.^^
^^this was chocolate marshmallow shake but the first night i got an orange creamsicle shake and it was hands down the best ever. getting that next year!^^
it was such a good time can't wait to watch little andrew next year at downata! 
downata 2013 found HERE 
downata 2014 found HERE 
{crazy to think i've been blogging for 3 trips to downata now!}

July 23, 2015

mason's first birthday!

baby mason well not so baby anymore had his first birthday party yesterday. 
i can't believe a whole year has past. wasn't he just born
goodness babies grow up to fast. 
it was a good time. lots of laughs and cousin time and cake and party hats!
ps. trying to get my older brothers to take a picture with me is ridiculous
love them though best big brothers you could ever have. 
happy first birthday mason!

July 22, 2015

summer time!

summer is in full swing around here. 
lots of flowers, garden, snowcones, ice cream and of course little andrew! 
guys he's so cool. i can't handle it. 
daddy gets a break from school for the rest of summer and my goodness
 we are going to soak it all up. I CAN'T WAIT. 
here are a few little random photos of summer so far! 
our little garden is doing quite well. i love having my own garden its like my own grocery store!
^^went to cherry berry with some ladies from my ward and it was such a treat!^^
^^hahahah this is for my own memory to show how many times we gotta take a picture of this kid to get a decent one. ooooohhh the one in the top right. ah!^^
^^doughnuts with family is never ever a bad thing!^^
^^homemade cookies and cream ice cream recipe found here^^
^^cute little snowcone shake opened up by us so we had to stop and taste it out!^^
^^fingers are always in his mouth... or his foot! ha^^
^^homemade pizza night. we be all about pizza.^^
^^at andrew's 4 month apt. i had to take a pic.. i mean look at that wall!^^
^^at my mama's one night we made this amazing smore dip. my lanta it was good and rich!^^
^^we bought a new car! we love love love it and so does andrew.. he told me!^^
^^swim parrrrtttttiieess!^^
^^shot a gun for the first time. and yes it may be a BB gun but it still is a gun hence the word gun in it's name. my little brother lane taught me how. i was aiming at a water bottle and totally missed^^
^^my mom had the prettiest flowers and yard. one day i will be like her in that department!^^
^^sweet bathtime with andrew!^^
^^blue eyed twins!^^
^^my heaven.^^
^^like i said... too cool.^^
^^yes i make us match!^^
^^baby in a swimming suit... nothing cuter!^^
^^i love my family. its so crazy to say i have my own little family. but i do love it.
 can't imagine when we will have more babies and be a even bigger family!^^
annnnnnd little boy in a little mint outfit that just had to be documented. 
gal i love him and summer. here is to more adventures to come!

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