June 18, 2015

andrew's blessing day!

little andrew had his blessing day this last past sunday. 
it was a very lovely day and it was the sweetest blessing. 
i'm so thankful i have the gospel in my life and that my husband could give little andrew the most sweetest blessing. thank you to everyone who came and support us and for bringing 
things for the potluck and again thank you mama and debbie for the pictures. we love you all! 
ps. 3 days before the blessing i called my mama and told her i wanted a different outfit for andrew to get blessed in. so what do you know next thing we're at joanns and then in 2 days she made him this new blessing outfit and even 2 choices of bowties. goodness mama thank you again! 
^^my little family!^^
^^makes my heart explode!!^^
^^andrews hair in this photo. hahahaha^^
^^little second cousins who are like 8 or 9 days apart. can't remember!^^
^^the place where we had the luncheon had this amazing turquoise wall. i was in heaven!^^
^^cousin thank you for getting up at 5 and driving all the way down for his blessing it really meant a lot to me. you're the best ever!^^
^^hahahhaha and this is what it really looks like when taking that photo.^^
^^you have my heart baby boy!^^
it was such a great day filled with so much love. 
we love you andrew! 

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