January 29, 2014


Husband you really are the sweetest. 
Thank you! 

January 27, 2014

Color Me Mine Date!

On Saturday night husband and I went to Color Me Mine! Its the cutest little pottery shop. Here is a little video of our date and the mugs we painted. Love you husband!
song: she got the honey by mat kearney 

January 23, 2014

H A P P Y **N E W S!

I have really really really really really really happy news. 
I'm so beyond excited I can't even stand it. 
Like really I start squealing. 
Best part is that my whole family is going.
All my best friends who happen to be my siblings.
Were going to have the best time ever.
**photo from our honeymoon cruise in june**

January 18, 2014

One year since i've said YES!

It's been one whole year since I said yes to the best decision ever. It blows my mind that its already been a year. I've had my dream ring on my finger for one whole year and I still love it as much as I did the day I got it. 
Our very first date was at Iggys so Brandon decided that when he wanted to propose that he would do it at the same place as our first date. I had no idea at all that he was going to do it at the time. I thought it would be around valentines day, I had in my mind that we were going to dinner and then to the movies but little did I know that he was planning on proposing.
It was so well thought out and sweet, he did a marvelous job. Rose petals scattered on the ground, a table set up with candles with more rose petals and the prettiest flowers ever oh and of course the sign that said "Be my valentine...forever." 
I remember after dinner walking out and finally catching on to what was going on. I went into complete shock mode. I was stunned. I had no idea whatsoever. 
Finally I said yes and my whole family and his whole family walked out of the other restaurant next door and everyone was cheering. It was such a blur but also one of the happiest times. 
I'm so glad I said yes one year ago. 
Love you Brandon, very much so. 

January 14, 2014

H E L L O ! ! !

Hello little blog. I've missed you. 
 Few things first. 
New year goals are going quite swell if I do say so myself. 
I'm quite positive my legs are going to be so sore for the next 100 days. 
Husband is suuuuper hot when he works out. 
I'm very behind in organizing my photos + blogging about them. 
I love the bachelor. Seriously two words: Juan Pablo 
I have a few favorite ladies already. 
Last night and their "nude"' photo session was gross. 
I want it to snow again.
All I want to do is go sledding.
Some days I think I want summer.
Yes I know those two lines don't go together. 
I got those red boots for christmas.. I"m in love with them.
I already have big happy news for the next coming months. 
I love my family. They make me happy.
Face-timing my niece everyday is such a highlight.
I'm obsessed with baths and I think i'll take one tonight.   
Oh and lets not forget tonight is PLL. 
Husband starts school on thursday.. I might cry. 
I love him lots and lots and lots. 
Truly sorry if you wasted your time reading this. 
Any-who goodbye. 
muah xoxoxo
(picture found HERE)

January 10, 2014

Husband gets a gun!

Husband got a gun for christmas and let me just say... he is a hottie with that gun. I'm not a gun person they scare me and I have never ever shot one. I would be that one girl you hear about on the news that shot her leg because she didn't know how to use the gun. 
Husband is so cute with that gun and so protective. I love it and he loves it. 

January 2, 2014

New Year! New Goals!

Its a new year! So long 2013 and hello 2014! 
I loved loved 2013. I honestly think that will always be one of my favorite years. So many good things happened and I'm beyond thankful and blessed that they did. 
I love when its a new year. I always feel like its a fresh start and its a good time to step back and make new goals and realize how good life really is.
The other day husband and I sat on our living room floor and talked about our new personal goals we have for this next year and also marriage goals. I really liked how we had a little family discussion on it so that way we can cheer and help each other accomplish their goals. 

In 2014 as a marriage goal we want to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days (by Easter!) Our bishop has challenged us and we feel like it will be a good thing for us two. 

In this year we will be making date night a priority! We already do but we want to make it more. We're going to take turns planning the dates and make sure we really focus on each other and our marriage. 

Now as for my own personal goals for 2014 I want to start exercising more. I really have slacked off for a long time and I want to get back in the habit of being healthy. Do a little of all the good stuff. Running, abs, legs oh and zumba of course. 

I want to be the best wife I can be. I want to try more recipes and really challenge myself in the kitchen. Since being married I have come to like cooking. I really want to try new recipes I find on pinterest and all my cook books.  

I want to read more books in 2014. I love reading. I love the feeling of starting a new book and being taken away with the story. I always want to be reading a book. 

I want to challenge myself in this next year. Try new things, less phone time, take better photos, plant a garden, stress less, craft more, be a better person and be brave

Welcome 2014 and Happy New Year! 

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