December 30, 2015

christmas day 2015!

the cutest little boy on his first christmas!
it was the best christmas morning with andrew. 
we had all his gifts set up and we sat him down on the ground and he crawled so fast to that ride on toy. it was the best! he looooves it. man oh man christmas with him was the best.
we did start off by saying he's only getting one toy and 
then all of a sudden he kept getting more and more. ha! (spoiled!)
but in the end we were okay with it because that little one had no toys. 
he's out grown all the ones he had before and ever since christmas day he's been in heaven having so many new and fun toys to play with! 
photos from the day below!
^^he loves that toy and before we could open any other gifts we had to play with this for a minute!^^
^^i would have to say besides the ride on toy these are andrew's next favorite. 
they're the best ever!^^
^^the gift that keeps on giving.... that's what brandon would say. ha!^^
^^brandon surprised me with getting us a connect. the day after christmas we spent like 4 hours playing it and its the best. i'm so happy we have it!^^
^^gingerbread waffles at my mother in laws while we were skyping elder grange 
(brandons younger brother) on his mission in africa!^^
^^saying hello to uncle ryan!^^
^^you'll have to excuse my brothers lovely finger in this photo and the other brother with food out of this mouth.... goodness ha!^^ 
^^brandon made my mother this quilt ladder to display her quilts. i loved it!^^
maybe one day i'll make some quilts to display........ha.^^
^^naisbitt family farm hats. andrew isn't to sure about wearing hats yet. ha ha^^
^^after all the parties and houses we went to that day this was later on christmas when they came up to see andrew's gifts and i'm pretty sure luke and lane were having more fun with andrew's new toys than andrew himself! ha^^
^^stop kissing me!!!! -andrew.^^
it was the most lovely christmas day spent as a family and with both of our families. 
this christmas will always be one i remember. 
can't wait for next years! ha!
last christmas found HERE 

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