January 2, 2015


happy 2015! 
i can't believe another year has gone by. soooo fast. 
this year was a wonderful year. so many things happened and wonderful memories made. 
i got to have my first garden and grow my own flowers and made my very first trip to disneyland and sea world. this year was a really good year. 
my most favorite part was finding out my dream of being a mother was coming true. 
and best part to a baby boy
thanks for being such a good year 2014. i learned lots, made lots of fun memories and really just had a good time. you will be missed..buuuut
bring on 2015 baby!!! 


  1. Happy New Year!!

    2015 should be very exciting for you!

  2. what a fun collage, it sounds like 2014 was great...but i think having a baby might make 2015 even better! happy new year!

  3. Happy new year! xo



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