August 28, 2015

mirror lake: part one!

last week we went camping for a whole week! 
i have never gone for a whole week before it was nice and relaxing. 
by the end of the week i wanted a nice long hot shower and to not smell like campfire smoke but other than that it was a lovely time and little andrew is hands down the best camper ever. 
we went at the first of the week with my dad and little brother. the rest of the clan came up on thursday and friday. below are some photos from the first of the week. 
mirror lake 2014 found here
mirror lake 2013 found here 
^^already a little fisher. ha^^
^^andrew's face in this photo.hahahah^^
^^the trees just went on and on. it's beautiful and scary to me too and i always think "okay so how many bears are out there." ha ha^^
^^my two favorite men!^^
^^he's so proud of daddy and grandpa for the fish they caught! haha^^
^^we let him touch a fish and he didn't act like he hated it or loved it, he was more just wanting to touch the fish and when we took the fish away he cried. ha!^^
^^gimme that fish!^^
^^playing cards with grandpa!^^
^^dutch oven pizza is a must try once in your life!^^
my world. my peeps.
love camping and love camping with them. 
part 2 coming up! 

August 26, 2015

alpine slides!

we went camping for a whole week last week and during the week we decided to run over to park city for a couple hours since it was only 45 minutes from our campground. 
of course we had to stop at the nike outlet and i ran into carters and got some things for my little spoiled baby and grabbed some yummy lunch.
 we also decided to do the alpine slides. i've done them once for our first anniversary and let me just say those dang things are so fun. ha ha i raced brandon and he won. luke and lane raced each other and luke whopped lane. ha ha after that we watched my parents go down with amelia and my goodness that little girl loved it. 
it was a lovely sunny day at park city. photos from the day below! 
my little love. 
he likes to kiss his mama more like try and eat his mama. ha! 
but its whatever i'll take it. 

August 25, 2015

take me out to the ball game!

we went to a baseball game couple weekends ago! 
little andrew's first baseball game. he was a happy baby and i'd say he enjoyed himself too. ha 
the game was good and spending time with my brother and sister in law is always a treat also! 
after we left the game we were walking back to our car and brandon goes ummm where is the car? 
talk about freak out moment. i said you have the keys right?!! and he said yes we walked to where the car was and realized we parked in a spot where we weren't suppose to and the car got towed! 
talk about lucky. 
the worst part about it wasn't the fact our car got towed it was the fact that the dumb towing company  didn't have a way to get a hold of them until monday and it was friday night and andrew's carseat was in the car! we had no idea where the car was or anything. 
long story short don't mess with me or my baby's carseat. ha ha 
that towing company has made my "i do not like you list."
thee end. 

August 24, 2015

seven peaks!

we went to seven peaks with the siblings and cousin katelyn 
the other weekend and let me just say it was so fun! 
life is definitely different with a baby though that's for sure. brandon and i took turns going down the slides and staying back with andrew even katelyn stayed and watched him a few times so brandon and i could be all romantic and go down a slide together. ha! thanks kate!
 we did take andrew to the lazy river and the wave pool and he disliked it a lot. ha ha next year he hopefully will enjoy it more and he will even be big enough to go down some slides with us! 
it was a good day indeed filled with lots of sun, water slides, sibling time and cousin time. 
those are all the best times. 
 summer please stay!

August 17, 2015

happy 5 months andrew!

happy 5 months my little andrew grange! 
he's always been such a fun and lovable baby but my goodness he sure has gotten fun. 
we are just loving this stage he's at right now. i could eat him. (not literally. ha!)
*little andrew within the last month*
-starting using his hands, he likes to grab things that are in front of him
-got his first haircut 
-has 2 teeth 
-started smacking his lips 
-totally a mama's boy (he's spoiled!)
-has ate squash, sweet carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans and rice cereal 
-knows who his mama and daddy are with other people around him
-the best snuggler 
-size 2 diapers (which are huge on him)
-likes to drink water from cups
-wearing 3 months and 3-6 month clothing 
-loves to stand 
-likes when mama sings 
-goes to bed around 9-9:30 and sleeps till about 2-3 wakes up and eats 
-and go back to bed till around 6-7am lately. 
-watching videos of himself makes him happy 
-likes to be on the bed or couch and likes to be bounced while laying there
-loves his toy giraffe, sophia, football and the teething toy ring
-loves to scream and hear his own voice 
-he doesn't like pools and getting splashed ha! 
-loves sucking his toes 
-started doing a gummy smile. its the cheesiest
-starting to notice and smile at himself in the mirror 
-so happy and smiley all the time. we just love him. 
andrew i wish i had a pause button to pause time. 
i love you so darn much it almost hurts. 
thank you for being my baby! 
last month update found HERE

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