August 11, 2015

camping at north fork!

we just got back from camping up at north fork in eden utah! 
this was our first time going camping as just us and let me say i loved it! 
i find it important to create memories as a family and that's exactly what we did. 
north fork totally exceeded my expectations. our campground was excluded and it was right by a stream and covered in bushes and trees. it was beautiful! we will be going back there that's for sure. 
here are some photos of the trip below! 
^^the first day we got there it was rainy so brandon put up this tarp so he could still go outside and cook! smart camper he is!^^
^^really foggy one morning. it was beautiful!^^
^^a picture of us without the baby saaaaay whaat? ha ha little andrew was sleeping so we went exploring and yes we stayed by him.^^
^^my baby looking like a little boy.^^
^^his little hands were cold so we put socks on his hands!^^
^^he brings so much joy to my life. i love you andrew grange!^^
^^we hiked up to a waterfall that was right by our camp. it was a fun and easy hike. we passed a few fellow hikers and they told us we were brave for taking a baby, on our way back we passed another little family and they had a 6 week old.... now she's the brave one! ha^^
^^this was the mama deer and their was 2 babies but they ran off before i could snap a pic!^^
^^best reason to go camping right there haha!^^
our first camping trip was a success minus when the heater when out in the trailer and we froze at night! ha ha little andrew is already such a little camper. 
i sure do adore this little family of mine.

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