October 30, 2015

halloween festivities!

hello hello! 
holiday season is here and i'm suuuuuper happy about it. 
you should ask brandon how much i already talk about christmas. (too much!) 
i'm just a little excited for halloween which is tomorrow and thanksgiving and of course christmas! 
we have done some pretty fun halloween festivities lately and here are some photos below! 
^^hooper does a halloween haunt and we've been going since we started dating and this year when we went it was PACKED. it has never had that many people. guess they did more advertising. 
both brandon and i said we can't wait to bring andrew when he actually knows whats going on!^^
^^guys my husband is the sweetest.... he really is. ha^^
^^mama ghost... baby ghost.^^
 ^^i made these yummy pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and it was so good!^^
^^carving pumpkins!^^
 ^^little mason picking out which design he wants. ha!^^
^^helping uncle brandon carve out his pumpkin!^^
^^he say's it's his last but we will see about that... my dad's pumpkin with the grandkids name. 
he's so good at it! thanks grandpa!^^
 ^^little andrew napped while we were carving so that was super nice!^^
brandon carved andrew a little pumpkin with the avengers "A" for andrew. turned out so cool!
husband's pumpkin is on the left mine is on the right. ha yes his is better.
one day i''ll do better. ha
happy halloween everyone! 

October 21, 2015

hello and new blog design!

guys i'm really really happy. 
i got my blog re-designed and i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. 
the colors and everything make me so happy!
i wish i could take the credit but breezy and co helped me out and guys if you need a blog design go to her! she was wonderful to work with and dealt with all my picky-ness. ha! thank you again! 
i'm so happy and it would be great if you checked it out! 
some new fun things i added are "little films" page. if you click on that you can see all the videos we've made. i'm really happy about that! 
and all my other pages have new info updated and pictures like our about page has new fun things about us and once upon a time has some new photos! 
check it out! (YEPPIE!)
hope you like it and cheers to a new blog design! 

October 17, 2015

happy 7 months andrew!

happy 7 months my little one! 
i felt like the other day i just did his 6 month pictures and now we're doing his 7 month one? how? 
someone tell me how to freeze time. please i will pay you! 
little andrew is such a joy. he's our world and he's so fun and silly. 
his little personality is starting to come out and he's a goof. he's only his crazy, smiley self when he's home but everywhere else he turns into a serious little guy. 
we love you little andrew! 
*little andrew within the last month!*
-has two teeth that has came all the way through and 3 others that have poked through 
-wearing size 2 diapers 
-started eating crackers, yogurt bites and puff cereal. 
-takes 3-4 naps a day 
-loves sweet potatoes, pears and bananas
-LOVES sleeping by his mama 
-rolls over like crazy
-starting to scoot 
-says mama and dada. (don't think he knows that means us though!)
-likes his ears getting cleaned 
-thinks getting a bath towel thrown on him is funny 
-is now eating breakfast, lunch and dinner food. 
-fakes cough
-doesn't like when mama leaves the room or he can't see her
-having milk every 3 hours 
-starts throwing a fit when we take something away (spoiled!) 
-likes to smack his lips and blow his tongue
-got his second haircut 
-started waking up earlier in the night to need moms comfort 
-can balance on daddys one hand
-wearing 3 month, 3-6 and 6 month clothing 
-goes to bed around 8:30-9 and wakes up from 6:30-7. 
-loves to be outside and cries when we bring him in 
happy 7 month my little love of my life! 
we LOVE you. 
last update found HERE 

October 11, 2015

my "why."

"there are two important days in a woman's life - the day she is born and the day she finds out why."
 -Elaine Cannon. the day little Andrew was born was the day I found out my "why."
being a mother is the most important job, calling, duty i will ever have. 
i'm so blessed to be his mommy. 

October 6, 2015

pizza and a family bike ride!

sunday was a good day. 
we were together all day and let me just say those are my most very favorite days. 
for my birthday brandon got me a little bike carrier for andrew to ride in so we could go on family bike rides and my goodness best birthday gift ever. we go every chance we can now.. we love it! 
andrew doesn't seem to hate it but he isn't giggling either. he just enjoy's the ride. ha 
thank you hubby for getting it for me! 
also we always wanted to try grilling pizza. it was our first time and it turned out pretty good but i'd have to say i'd just stick to the oven. lots faster and easier! 
below are some photos of our sunday afternoon! 
^^this is andrew saying no more flipping photos. ha!^^
^^don't worry brandon wasn't choking him! ha^^
^^more cheese the better!^^
^^yes i do realize i have bags under my eyes.... that's what being a mom does to you. ha!^^
^^this kid and his blue eyes.... gets us everytime.^^
^^andrew's new trick!^^
^^cutest little thing and yes those are swim towels around him.
 we like to keep things classy around here.^^
best family activity ever. can't wait to go on more bike rides until it snows. 
seriously though. :)

October 5, 2015

picking pumpkins!

over the weekend we went and got some pumpkins! 
my family has grown pumpkins and sold them for a couple years now. 
win for us. cute darling pumpkins for free! ha ha 
they had so many big ones this year plus white ones that i LOVE. 
so happy the holiday season is here and i get to celebrate with a little one! 
happy holiday season to you!

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