April 24, 2015

tractor time

i grew up on a farm and i loved it. 
couple weekends ago i went for a little tractor ride with my younger brother luke and then a four wheeler ride with my youngest brother lane. it was a grand old time. luke is so smart with vehicles and tractors. he's becoming a young man and it hurts my old sister heart. my little brothers need to stay little forever.... and so does andrew. ha ha i can't wait till andrew is older to ride the tractor. i'm pretty sure he will love it because he has a tractor blanket right now so it only makes sense, right? 
^^17 years old and studly as ever.^^
and yes i know how to drive a tractor....... totally joking. i'd crash the dang thing. 

April 17, 2015

happy one month andrew!

 happy one month little andrew! 
i can't believe its been a month. time slow down and keep my baby little forever. 
it blows my mind away that one month today i was in the hospital meeting my little baby!
*little andrew within the last month*
-eating every 2-3 hours
-sleeping every 3 hours
-napping every 2 hours
-starting to notice things. loves the fan and picture frames
-hits himself with his uncontrollable long arms and hands
-doesn't like to be naked
-does silly faces after eating or waking up 
-isn't a fan of getting a bath but likes getting his hair washed
-snorts and grunts all the time
-starting to coo and stick out his tongue
-wearing newborn clothes and newborn diapers
-knows who his mama is and always looking at me
-rockin the baby acne
-still has the best hair ever 
-has strong neck muscles and always is lifting his head 
-doing tummy time and putting him in the sun knock him to sleep so fast
-is a good eater
-goes to bedtime and naps easily
happiest one month to you baby! 
we love you little andrew. we can't picture life without you! 

April 15, 2015

easter 15'

easter this year was a wonderful one! 
first little holiday with the little one minus his birthday. 
it was a very relax one. we watched conference and colored eggs and had a yummy easter ham dinner. little andrew got a little easter outfit that was huuuuge one him. 
it was a good day. 
^^i bought easter candy a month or so before easter because i knew i wouldn't be able to go to the store once i had my little one! ps. easter candy is the best candy!^^
^^yes were one of those parents who put eggs around our baby for a picture. hahaha
ps. check out him grabbing that egg.^^
^^little andrew while we were coloring eggs. that hand placement makes my heart explode!^^
^^my eggs!^^
^^brandon's eggs!^^
^^my in laws got home from a Europe trip the day before and brought home chocolate for us.
 it was amazing!^^
^^i hate the sun hahha!^^
this is us sunbathing andrew outside. he is not a fan. ha ha 
good easter indeed. 
last years easter found HERE 

April 13, 2015


my family had a little easter party! all of us were going to be gone for easter this year and my moms birthday was that week so we turned it into a birthday/easter party. it was a great time. i love more than anything when all my siblings are together. its my happy place. we had a good dinner and had the best easter egg hunt. thanks mama for doing that. i loved it! 
^^my other 2 favorite little boys!^^
^^she is the sweetest with him. melts my heart!^^
^^totally going to be a grandpa's boy.^^
^^baby model hair!^^
^^little Amelia holding up her basket kills me. love these peeps!^^
^^boys being boys^^
^^little andrew's first easter egg hunt!^^
^^family of 3! :)^^
it was a GREAT time! 

April 7, 2015

the best daddy

andrew and i got pretty lucky in the husband and daddy department. 
brandon has been the best through this whole new chapter in our life. he's always willing to help and be there for us. today i got a text asking if i've had lunch and i hadn't because i was holding little andrew while he was napping because he wasn't feeling that well and i said i hadn't really ate anything today before you know it brandon was home with a subway sandwich for me and he held the baby so i could have 10 minutes to myself. seriously he is the best. 
he knows exactly what i need and honestly he keeps me sane. 
thank you hubby for going to work and school and being the best daddy and husband. 
thanks for changing the diaper in the middle of the night so i can have a minute and also for doing the dishes so i don't have to worry about them and everything else. thank you lots. 
we love you more than you'll ever know! 

April 2, 2015

first walk as a family of 3!

the other day we went for are first walk of a family of 3! 
brandon and i have always liked going on walks and bike rides so now that we have a little one its even more fun! he was totally catching some sun rays. ps. check out that tree! yeppie for spring.
(mama heart explodes!) 

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