August 28, 2014

mirror lake 14

mirror lake has to be my favorite ever. 
its so beautiful there. 
i love it for so many reasons. 
the smell, the campfires, the no cell phone service, the togetherness. 
i love it all. i tell you though i've loved it 83477595 more times now that i have a little partner in crime that goes with me. i'm so thankful hubby likes to go camping and that we share the same interest. he loves camping and he likes to fish. so i picked a winner. 
mirror lake last years blog post HERE
^^when we first got there my little brothers and dad were already up there so camp was already set up. (bonus!) brandon got that lantern at a work party i can't even began to say how excited he was to open and use it. it was like christmas morning to him. not even kidding. 
so of course all the boys had to join him.^^
^^every morning the boys get up early and go fishing. ps check out that blue water!^^
^^hhahahahhaha oh the blue tarp.^^
^^my dad caught this fish and he was kind enough to let me take a picture with it!^^
^^baby karter came up for the day and he did so good. such a sweet baby.^^
^^cute little brother^^
^^one of my favorite things is when hubby and i go for a canoe ride!^^
^^brandon caught a fish... ha ha his determination to get that hook out is cute.^^
^^brandon made a excellent fire and lets just say he was so excited. he is such a little boy.^^
^^caught another one and so happy!^^
love this lover boy of mine. 
mirror lake keeping being great! 

August 22, 2014

coolest pond ever.

back a few weekends ago my mother and i drove to boise to meet baby mason. while we were there we got to stay at the persons house and in their backyard they had this giant pond. sooo cool. so of course we get our suits on and went for a swim. it felt so nice. crazy thing is we tried like 10 times to reach the bottom and we couldn't. kinda scary. sooo incredibly deep it was but such a good time!   
^^little girl loved the water.!^^
coolest pond ever. thanks for letting us come jessie! 

August 19, 2014

dear husband

(just to clarify this is when we were taking our engagements and fiance at the time was making me laugh. this photo makes me laugh. he is the silliest.) 
dear husband. thank you so much for having the entire house cleaned for me. it wasn't just straightened up it was a good deep clean. vacuumed, laundry put away and even vacuumed the stairs. which we all know is never fun and much more. thank you. 
also, if anyone knows me they know i LOVE taylor swift to the max and yesterday she released a new single. I had to work late yesterday and he was so thoughtful to have that song waiting to be played when i walked in and bonus he had made chocolate milk and strawberry milk 
and he let me pick which one i wanted. 
i know cleaning the house and making me milk doesn't seem big but he always goes out of his way to make my life easy and happy. 
hubby thank you so much for doing all those things. 
it was so nice to come home to a super clean house. 
i love you. 
and ps. thanks for vacuuming the rug where i spelled laundry soap on. ha 

August 18, 2014

downata hot springs 14

at the end of july my family and i went to downata hot springs. we go there every year, my family has been going for over 25+ years! soooo we act like we own the place. its always a treat to go and spend time with my cousins and aunts by swimming together, volleyball, eating shakes and the best part eating all the yummy food we have. i'm thankful for a great family who is so close! 
^^every night we went up to there little diner and had shakes. my goodness they were good. 
i got chocolate marshmallow each night and honestly it didn't disappoint. the last night we were at downata we were a little hungry so we order fries and let me just say. BEST FRIES EVER. i still day dream about them.... ha ha so pathetic but so not.^^
^^see how yummy it looks it!^^
last but not least a picture with my favorite clan. all my siblings besides jessie and kevin! 
love them all so much! 

August 11, 2014

baby mason. baby karter.

see these two handsome boys. they're my nephews and i'm head over heels in love. 
so darling. mason (sisters baby) is on the left and karter (brothers baby) is on the right. 
they're only a week apart and i hope they grow up to be the best of friends. 
mason was born first and he was born in Boise, Idaho! 
i wasn't able to see him in the hospital so after they got out my mother and i drove to boise to see that baby! he is perfect in every way. 
he has tan skin and dark hair. he is handsome and has the prettiest eyes. 
^^my little love mason. he is beyond perfect and love him so much!^^
this is karter naisbitt (my brothers baby) he was born a week later after mason. 
i remember getting the phone call saying my sister in law shawnee was going into labor and i was so happy. 
you should ask brandon i wouldn't stop talking about it. this little guy is the first naisbitt boy and let me just say he looks like his daddy and a naisbitt. he is darling and i love him beyond words. 
^^i love this photo. all of us in awe over baby karter.^^
^^their is something about watching your siblings come parents and it makes my heart happy.^^
baby karter has my heart and so does that little nose. 
^^karters little grin.^^
^^masons little grin... eekkk. so cute.^^
^^when they wrapped their little arms together i thought i was going to die. so cute.^^
^^little Amelia can't forget about her!^^
my little two favorite boys in the world. 
they have my heart and i hope they know how much aunt jennie loves them.
(baby mason on left/ baby karter on right) 

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