April 28, 2014


DISNEYLAND you were such a dream. i think about going back all the time now. mmm when could me and hubby make our way back there again?! seriously that place. it was a dream. it was my very first time going and i L O V E D it. i heard so many good and bad things about disneyland and it was just to good. people who don't like disneyland are crazy. i heard some advice about disneyland saying be there super early and hit all the rides hard and then rest. hubby and i took the advice and we woke up early and my goodness i think by 11 our feet were so tired but we went hard and made sure we rode all the rides and tasted every treat and saw mostly every character. 
disneyland i sure do love you! 
^^bright and early!^^
^^this was us waiting in line to actually get in disneyland!^^
^^the teacups were so pretty! i didn't ride them because no one wanted to ride them with me and i was also slightly scared i would get sick. buuuuut i'm going to next time for sure!^^
^^they make everything so cool and neat looking there. well done disney!^^
^^some haunted house business going on!^^
^^this is a must if you have never gone to disneyland before, they're up front at the gate and best part is that they're free! so cute and so fun!^^
^^this place blew my mind away at how good the buildings and everything were there. seriously disneyland does not do things half way. i was so impressed!^^
^^minnie was so DARN cute!^^
^^just being trapped nbd!^^
^^pooooooooooh bear!^^
^^waiting to see the frozen characters took 2 hours! but the line at the end took 4 hours to see them! it was NUTS. i couldn't imagine standing in line for 4 hours! but hey they sure are pretty!^^
^^the cutest lunch date ever.^^
^^alright those dole whips were AMAZING!^^
^^sleeping beauty! alright first of all you are never too old to see the princesses. they're all so darling. you leave thinking... i just saw a princess and i talked to her too! probably one of my favorite things that we did at disneyland was seeing all the princesses.!^^
^^cinderella and I having a moment together!^^ 
^^so much fun!^^
^^TANGLED! cutest couple ever.^^
^^belle is my favorite princess and i didn't get to meet her but i found her and hurried and snapped a picture of her and i. she was so nice to turn around and smile.^^
^^they had these balloons everywhere. they were so cute!^^
^^hahhahaha splash mountain!^^
^^took our niece on Pinocchio ride and she was so scared. she kept covering her eyes!^^
^^disneyland has a parade everyday and i would suggest to not miss it for the world! it was beyond cute and it was so so so fun! husband and i went and ate a churro (best treat ever there) while watching. it was so fun really can't even begin to tell you how fun the parade was!^^
^^not even kidding Aladdin got close to us and he looked down at me and he WINKED AT ME. seriously mister Aladdin winked at me i think i went a little starstruck!^^
^^little mermaid!^^
^^favorite part of the parade!^^
^^i don't remember what this ride was called but you took a little boat around a river and there were mini things through it! it was talent whoever made all those things it was neat and talented!^^
thanks disneyland for being the happiness place on earth! 
i sure do love you!!

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