May 31, 2015

oh memorial day.

memorial day was a good day. 
went and ran some errands and when i was in the stores brandon would drive around keeping andrew asleep in the car and when brandon went into his store andrew and i hung out on the grass waiting for dad to come back. oh and of course we got some yummy doughnuts. 
we then went home and worked on our tent trailer! we're so excited to go camping! 
ending the night with a walk around hooper and hot dogs and smores. 
summer is here to stay! 

happy two years my love!

happy two years my love. 
it has been the most happiest two years with you by my side. 
i'm so thankful i have you for eternity, 
love you to the moon and back. 
forever and always!
last years anniversary found HERE 

May 26, 2015

jake's birthday!

jake's birthday was sunday and he turned 24! 
jake is a great brother and a great person too. i've always looked up to him. 
he is a year and a half older than i am. my mother got prego with me when jake was 6 months old! 
my goodness i couldn't even imagine that but i'm so glad she did because a. i wouldn't be born and b. i loved being so close in age with jake. here are some photos of his little birthday party. 
^^birthday boy. ps. your eyes look so cool jake!^^
^^he's all about that tongue of his and he loves cuddling on grandmas chest like that!^^
^^mommy's hunk for sure!^^
^^luke naisbitt i had no idea you did that mister!^^
sister sister. who i love so much and thankful for. 
she's the best mom and even better sister!

May 22, 2015

life lately!

life lately has been wonderful.... because of little andrew. 
he makes me so happy! here are some photos of life lately and whats been going on. 
enjoy! :)
ps. snuggles with andrew = the best ever. 
^^we went to watch the uncles and daddy play at the alumni tournament!^^
^^built tough like daddy!^^
^^couple weeks ago we had our first cookout of the summer!^^
^^morning snuggles are the best. he's so cuddly.^^
^^daddy had two weeks off school and my goodness we loved every second of it!^^
^^already acted like he's 16 ha ha^^
^^went to the nursery with my mama and picked out flowers and stuff for the garden. 
this time of year is so fun!^^
^^he could stare at that little monkey alllll daaaaay looooonng.^^
^^frosted lemonade. i have no words for how much love i have for that drink. ha^^
^^couple weeks ago i went to salt lake and little andrew and i walked around temple square and little bit of city creek when hubby went and took care of some school things and my goodness was not easy by myself. little andrew decided to be a stinker that day and it didn't help that for more than half the time it was pouring rain!^^ 
^^hubby and i went on a morning saturday date! we got breakfast and McDonald's (yuck,  brandon wanted it) and went and did some errands and went to costco. ha ha it was lovely.^^
^^running into your siblings at costco... ha ha!^^
^^best friends.^^
^^we adore daddy!^^
^^brandon power washed the house and painted our front door and shutters. they look so good!^^
^^its been raining like crazy and one morning we woke up to a pond in our backyard. ha!^^
^^we planted our flowers! can't wait to see them in full bloom!^^
^^storytime with daddy!^^
^^so sweet.^^
^^jamba juice date with the men. my dad's first time. he still preferred a coke over jamba though^^
^^karter k i love you!^^
^^uncle ryan got his call to south Africa! so happy for him and crazy to think my baby will be 2 1/2 when he gets back. :(^^
^^brandon put in this watering system for my mama's garden!^^
^^ryan graduated from high school!^^
^^the sun is too bright! hahaha^^
i have again no words for this picture besides that HE IS SO CUTE AND I LOVE HIM. 
seriously who knew being a parent would be this fun. 

May 17, 2015

happy two months andrew!

happy 2 months baby boy! 
how how how is my baby 2 months? goodness. he's getting so big. 
honestly stay little forever mommy wouldn't mine. 
*little andrew within the last month* 
-he knows who his mommy is and it makes me so HAPPY. 
-likes his playmat 
-he loves looking at picture frames. (we call them his friends ha!)
-wearing 0-3 clothing and some little newborns left 
-wears size 1 diapers 
-loves his hair combed and washed 
-had his first blowout 
-has the yummiest and chubby cheeks
-his eyes are still blue. (mom and dad have brown eyes so he got it from both sides of the family!)
-loves sucking his hands 
-his little eyebrows got darker 
-loves facetiming dad when he's at work 
-talks all the time. he's such a little chatter box
-loves sleeping in our bed 
-started sleeping in the bassinet
-eats every 2-3 hours during the day and 4-5 hours at night 
-takes 2 or 3 hour naps and sleeps for a 3-4 hours at night 
-still has the BEST hair ever. 
happy 2 months baby boy. we LOVE you so so so much! 
*last month update found here*

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