December 18, 2015

ogden lights 2015!

ogden lights are one of my favorite christmas traditions! 
we bundled all up and of course andrew was bundled up sooo good. 
ha ha poor little guy couldn't even move but i will say i think he stayed nice and warm. 
he enjoyed looking through the windows at the displays. 
people have said holidays with children are so much more magical and boy they weren't kidding. 
can't wait to keep going to the ogden lights for many years to come! 
^^little boy looking through the window at all the fun holiday displays!^^
^^those cheeks... man i could eat them.^^
^^i spy a snowman!^^
^^blurry but good camera selfie!^^
^^andrew is definitely a grandpas boy. that kid grins ear to ear whenever he see's his grandpa!^^
i love that little boy.
can't wait for christmas morning... i think santa is going to spoil him!
 last year at ogden lights can be found HERE 

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