October 30, 2014

October 17, 2014

i love fall!

we drove up to logan canyon one sunday and we went for the loveliest drive. the leaves were beautiful hints of yellow, green and red. huge pine trees everywhere too. husband was nice and drove me clear up there and we got out and took some pictures. seriously stunning. fall is so pretty.  
^^before the canyon we went and saw an old abandoned house where we took some of our engagements. it really is so pretty. i would have loved to seen it in its prime.^^ 
^^clear at the tip top was some pretty reds and oranges!^^
i love little sunday moments like these. 

October 15, 2014

grubbards family photos!

my in law side took family photos last sunday and they turned out so great! (thank you jyl!) 
i love family photos. i'll probably be that crazy mother who makes her kids take family photos every other month. ha ha this was my first family photos to be in with them. whaoo! 
so blessed to have married in a great family! 
love family photos! always such a blessing and a treat to go back and look and them. 
go in law family! 
my family photos from last year can be found HERE

October 14, 2014

happy birthday to my dad!

happy birthday to my favorite person my dad! 
i love this man. he is my support and my friend. the person i know who will always have my back.
i am very blessed to have such an amazing dad. 
we have a special bond and i wouldn't trade that up for anything in the world. 
this picture pretty much sums up my dad. he is a farmer and I LOVE IT. 
i went and took pictures of him out in the field and i will honestly cherish this photo for ever. 
i even have it on my fridge. it makes my heart happy. 
dad happy birthday i love you and i'm so beyond thankful for you! 
love you! 

October 10, 2014

the final pick!

we did the final pick from our garden the other day! 
ain't going to lie. i'm a little ready for everything to freeze. i loved having my own garden but my goodness by the end of the season i'm totally warn out! 
we got so many good things this year from it. 
corn, tomatoes galore, peppers, zucchini, squash and pumpkins. 
we put most of that away. 
(canned most of it, freeze some of it.) that way in the winter and spring when we don't have a garden we can still enjoy all the goodness from it. 
it was such a treat to share a garden with my lover. it was always so fun to go outside together to go pick things for dinner or hey look at the squash now or even babe we have a pumpkin! 
super proud of our first garden. it grew like no other. it was a BEAST. 
i would say we're pros now in the gardening department. 
^^we had two huge squashes this year and my goodness HUGE.^^
^^i'm gunna frame this photo. it makes my heart go pitter patter.^^
^^to my hip!^^
^^i'm sorry but he really is the cutest thing.^^
thanks hubby for all the hard work you put into the garden this year. 
oh and thanks mama for your help too. 
can't wait to see next's years! 

October 2, 2014

i'm feeling 22!

i'm feeling 22! 
everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like were 22 oooooooo. 
my birthday was a couple weeks ago and i'm finally getting around to sharing it. 
i love birthdays. seriously. they're so fun and so special. i mean they're once a year and its a special day all to that person. i hope my love for birthdays never change. i hope when i'm 74 i still am rocking a awesome birthday party. 
it was a good day. 
husband woke up and cooked me breakfast, brandons sweet aunts and grandma came over and sang happy birthday to me and after that i went with my sisters and mamas to gardner village and we shopped around and had yummy lunch there. it was such a treat. 
after that brandon got off work early and we went shopping and went to dinner just as us. 
spending time with him is my favorite thing ever. 
after that we had all the family come over for cake and ice cream! 
it was such a lovely day. 
^^the morning walking out to see presents and the breakfast!^^
^^cutest i-phone case! thanks hubby!^^
^^my new shoes that i love!^^
^^brandons grandma and aunts and mama so sweet of them!^^
^^all my girls at gardner village. it was so fun to go there. 
thanks mama for the idea!^^
^^later that night when everyone was coming over for the party i heard a knock and my sweet primary girl came over and brought me a little present. tell me that's not the sweetest thing EVER. 
seriously these kids i love so much!^^
^^this was my birthday cake my mama made me. she always does the cutest ones!^^
^^thanks for these MIL. has anyone read these before?^^
^^my sweet mother made me this for our kitchen table. isn't it such a beauty? i love it.^^
^^she's such a good helper when it comes to blowing out the candles!^^
this birthday was extra great. lot of memories made! 
i'm so feeling 22. 
{before i end this i want to write 22 things i love while being the age of 22}
1. husband
2. taylor swift
3. my nieces and nephews 
4. the vampire diaries
5. sweaters
6. austenland 
7. instagram 
8. pretty little liars 
9. cooking 
10. chevrons ice cream
11. the other women 
12. camping with family 
13. hart of dixie 
14. crafting 
15. nail polish 
16. taking pictures 
17. going out to eat 
18. the color mint 
19. one tree hill 
20. watching movies with hubby
21. my family 
22. shopping 

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