December 10, 2015

annual holiday lunch!

last weekend i went to the annual holiday box house with my sister in laws and my mother in law! it was such a treat. 
little andrew stayed home with dad and napped for most of the time when i was gone and if i'm going to be honest and since i can cause this is my blog i missed him like crazy!!! HA HA 
at one point i was like i gotta get home. 
but it was a good time. everything was decorated so pretty and the food was good! 
i even took a selfie with richard paul evans! ha ha (i'm 99.99% sure he thought i was a freak!) 
the two pictures of andrew in the photo above are what brandon sent me. the one waking up from his nap selfie and the other one when brandon was feeding him lunch. SO CUTE. 
thank you for taking me mother in law and getting me a book! 
last year's lunch found HERE 

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