March 31, 2015

march 17, 2015! the HAPPIEST day!

march 17, 2015 was the happiest day.
wedding day and having your baby day are the best days ever
this night we were going on an all nighter which was oh so very worth it. 
i have never been so tired but never had so much happiness. 
andrew we love you! 
^^last bump picture at 39 weeks and 5 days!^^
^^trying to entertain ourselves at 4am!^^
^^first time holding my sweet baby. (nothing better!)
^^best and hottest dad ever!^^
^^best grandparents. they woke up in the night and waited for his arrival!^^
^^completely smitten!^^
^^he's changed so much since then. stay little forever!^^
^^family of 3!^^
^^his little nose is my favorite!^^
^^thanks mama and dad for these. brandon has loved passing them out!^^
^^facetiming the crew to show them baby andrew!^^
^^thanks kamie for the fun st. patties celebration stuff!^^
^^his first bath!^^
^^thank you up above for letting my child have hair. we love it!^^
i will never forget this day. 
the day my sweet baby boy came and made me a mama. 
little andrew i love you more than you'll ever know. 

March 26, 2015

first kiss to his mama!

last friday night we were laying in bed and I was holding little andrew. 
then all of a sudden bam he's trying to kiss his mama. 
(yes i know he probably was looking for food but i'm saying they were kisses!) 
it was the best thing EVER. 
my favorite photo is the bottom left one. he totally loves his mama. 
baby kisses are too good. 
i love you little son of mine. 

March 24, 2015

Andrew Derek Grange

Andrew Derek Grange 
arrived on: 
March 17, 2015 at 9:19am. 
weighing: 7 pounds & 5 ounces. 
measuring: 21 1/2 inches long. 
we are so in love with our sweet baby boy. 
family of 3. 
we love you little andrew so much! 

March 16, 2015

picnic before baby!

on sunday we went for a little picnic at the park. 
we've been soaking in all the time alone as we can before little guy arrives because we all know he ain't going out of my sight tell he's at least 25. 
i don't think we will mind a little sidekick on all our little adventures though. 
 we packed a lunch and went and enjoyed the fresh air and went for a walk too. 
it was a lovely sunday indeed. 
we relaxed on the grass and we were closing our eyes, so i said lets take a picture and on the count of 3 open your eyes. the sun was so bright this is our reaction. (eeek too bright!) 
 we laughed for a good minute at ourselves. 
hubby love you and thanks for being the best husband i could ever have! 

March 15, 2015

39 weeks!!!

that's how i feel right now about all this. 
mix emotions. so happy. so ready. so nervous. so excited. so scared.
how far along are you? 39 weeks and 3 days! 
gender? baby boy! 
maternity clothes? i'm lucky and only bought one pair of pants. everything else i've managed in! 
how big is baby? according to the app it says he should be around (19-22in, 7lbs) and around the size of a watermelon! wonder how accurate that is! 
weight gain? i gained 2 pounds in a week. i'm not sure my exact number now but somewhere around 25-30 pounds total! 
sleep? oh sleep. i love it and need it. i wake up every 20 minutes it seems but its not bad. 
movement? oh yes. he has no more room! 
labor signs? nothing. we have walked, ate pineapple, ate some spicy food, walked some more. and nothing. he clearly isn't ready to come out yet! teaching mama patience. 
best moment this week? almost reaching the finish line. i get to be a mom soon! 
some happy moments? anytime i see my niece amelia she touches my tummy. it really is so sweet. and he wasn't born on her birthday! yeppie cousins don't have to share the same day! oh and bags are packed and i have got everything off my before baby comes to do list done! whaaooooo!! 
what am i looking forward too? HOLDING MY BABY! 
hopefully this is my last bump update blog post.... but who knows i just might go to 41 weeks! 
(pray not! ha ha) 

March 11, 2015

our new tent trailer!

last weekend hubby and i bought a tent trailer! 
we're so excited for summer and the fun new adventures we're about to start. 
we love camping and usually just stay in a tent and with a new baby we decided that's probably not the best thing since the first trip planned he will almost be 3 months old.
brandon is so excited for camping its cute. everyday he talks about it. i've said it before but i'm so glad i married someone who loves to camp. we can't wait to take our little guy camping!  
whaooo for camping!! 

March 9, 2015


i'm about to be a mom so that means i have a car seat in my car with me. 
so totally fun and so oh my goodness moment all at the same time. 
this. is. happening. 
since we have installed it and both of us have practiced getting it out, 
feel free to come anytime now baby. your daddy and i wouldn't mine! 
such a cute dad! 

March 8, 2015

life lately!!

some photos of life lately. busy busy busy. 
this photo above is either at lowes or home depo. i feel like we live there!^^
^^i had my last day of work the other week and brandon brought me a "last day of work treat!" he really is the sweetest! i'm going to miss my job!^^
^^if you ask brandon he will say he is getting his dad shots! ha ha^^
^^i would say all the in laws are excited for the baby to come!^^
^^taking full advantage of these parking spots!^^
^^the other day i washed babys clothes. something about washing little peoples clothes that is so cute and lets talk about how good they smell after!^^
^^last weekend we decided to go to dinner. we realize soon that we won't be able to go on a date just as us for awhile so we're soaking in all the alone time togetherness as we can!^^
^^i cut my hair. lots came off. i'm calling it my mom hairdo!^^
^^this is at church today while i didn't go to sunday school. sitting for 3 hours is a no!^^
^^this photo was from a couple months ago but i love it and haven't blogged this photo. its on my fridge. baby karter i love you!^^
^^the other day i was babysitting these 2 rascals and i said look at me and smile. this is Amelia trying to get mason to look at me. hahaha!^^ 
^^looking at tent trailers with the men. gotta have something to stay in while we go camping!^^
^^swinging time with aunt jennie!^^
^^just having a little tea party!^^
^^if i had to make my older brother into a baby he would look exactly like this!^^
this first photo was today after church. i needed a snack so i grabbed all the bags of candy and sat down. brandon thought it was funny but really what better after church snack is better than this?^^
and that's a wrap! 

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