April 28, 2017

jennie grange photography!!!

you guys!!! 
i have exciting news!! 
i have officially started my photography business. 
it has been in the works for months now and its finally ready and its here! 
i couldn't be more happier!!!
my website is www.jenniegrange.com 
i'd LOVE for you to check it out + if you live in utah!! 
let me shoot you!!!!! 
families, babies, couples, weddings, whatever! 
it would be so much fun!
also: find me on instagram @jenniegrangephoto 

i'm so giddy that i finally took the leap! 
always follow your dreams! xo
thank you all for the support! 

April 10, 2017

luke's mission call!

my baby brother got his mission call last week! 
here comes all the tears. 
i'm so excited for him but also really sad. 
luke is such a fun brother and always can make me smile AND 
he's the best uncle. andrew really adores luke. 
he loves to go to grandma's because "uke" will be there
and when we facetime my mom, andrew is always asking for "uke."
new mexico you're getting the best! 
now let's hope may 31 doesn't come soon. ;)
^^he's the cutest little brother... and you too lane!^^
^^can you tell we're siblings?^^
^^this is how i really feel^^
^^andrew you have the very best "chhhhhheeessee!"
^^hands up because he's happy for uncle luke.... NOT if he only knew!^^

April 4, 2017

one second everyday - march

here is one second everyday for the month of march! 
this month was a great one. 
andrew's turned 2, lots of photoshoots and lots of time outside. 
here is january and februarys
ps. blogger shaylee surprised me and did a highlight of me! 
her words were so nice it made my whole day. 
thank you shaylee!!! 
that can be found HERE

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