March 30, 2016

easter + mama's birthday party!

last weekend we did our annual easter party/ my mom's birthday party! 
i look forward to this every year. 
we color eggs and have the best easter egg hunt
 and a yummy dinner and all my siblings are together! 
this one was extra special cause we found out the BEST news!
i took a billion photos but it really was such a fun day and everything needed to be document ha! 
photos of the day below!
^^andrew's first time coloring easter eggs. he only did about one because he kept trying to grab the cups that had the colors in it! holidays with a child is so fun! can't wait till next year!^^
^^no words for this turkey!^^
^^dropping the easter egg in!^^
^^cutest little naked boys^^
^^i love my sister!^^
^^best daddy ever!^^
^^every year my dad does a tractor easter egg!^^
^^andrew doing his first easter egg hunt. he only cared to grab like one 
and after that he just wanted to walk around the yard!^^
^^going on an easter egg hunt! 
ps. thanks mom for doing an easter egg hunt. i look forward to it every year!^^
^^my most favorite little boy in the world!^^
^^my happiness in one photo!^^
^^love my jakey!^^
^^all i can think of when i see this photo is... fear the beard. ha!^^
^^my brother and sister in law brought a pinata for the whole family and all the little grandkids had a turn and then i went next and on my second hit bam it opened. and what do you know... my brother and sister in law are going to have a baby girl!!!! I'M SO HAPPY.^^
^^it took me a minute. i looked down and saw pieces of paper in it so i started to read them.....^^
^^is this for real!??!!^^
^^guys i'm not kidding when i say i'm really so excited!^^
^^everyone was so surprised and i'm just so happy for you jake and jyl. 
i can't wait to spoil that little girl.^^
^^andrew is so happy for his little girl cousin to come too!^^
^^andrew's first tractor ride... he wasn't so sure about it. ha 
he better get sure cause he will be going on lots of tractor rides with grandpa this summer!^^
^^my lovely sister in laws!^^
^^andrew's first time riding a horse which lasted about 2 seconds cause he wasn't a fan at all!
i don't blame you kid.^^
^^love my little fam^^
^^if you know me you know i really don't like horses. they freak me out. ha ha but i guess if i'm going to ride a horse i'd feel safest with my older brother!^^
^^can't smile for one flipping photo.... terds!^^
her birthday isn't tell tomorrow but with everyone in school and jobs
 and one that live far away we had to celebrate early. 
it was the best easter/ birthday party day ever.
last years easter party can be found HERE (andrew was such a little guy... waaaah!)
and the easter party from two years ago found HERE 

March 28, 2016

andrew's birthday!

andrew had the best little first birthday if i do say so myself. ha! 
on his actaul birthday it was a pretty chill day and later that weekend we celebrated with family!
on his birthday he woke up pretty early and i made him his favorite breakfast. he was in heaven! 
afterwards he was tired (dumb molars coming in!) and went down for a nap. 
it was a good day! we even took him to see some puppies and played outside. his two favorite things!  some photos of his birthday day and party below!
^^pancakes and strawberries and bananas!^^
^^we showed him his new rocking horse and he was like uh.... what is that!^^
^^he then warmed up to it! and even gave the horse kisses. it was the cutest!^^
^^andrew got a teepee for his birthday so he was helping daddy set it up!^^
^^playing in the teepee!^^
^^made him a birthday cake! he loved it and so did i!^^
^^playing with his other birthday present... the cars and truck stoage/ramp thing!^^ 
^^my parents gave him a present and it was wrapped and he just went right on over and started
 un-wrapping it. it was so cute! we didn't show him how to do it
 or anything and he just new how to do it! it was the cutest to watch!^^
^^his first birthday party!^^
^^hay, i'm one today!^^
^^loves his daddy!^^
^^i love you my little baby.... not toddler! wah!^^
^^older cousins helping him open his presents!^^
^^best moment is when we gave andrew his smash cake and he starts eating it like this! ha!^^
the after math! (it was not fun to clean up!)
thank you to all family and friends who came to his party or sent me a text to wish him a happy birthday! he is so lucky to have all of you! xo 
now i'm begging....let this next year go slower and let him stay little forever!

March 25, 2016

little bit of life lately!

life lately has been busy but so great! 
we have been doing lots of home projects lately and march is birthday month in our families! 
here are some photos of what's been going on lately. 
for cousin amelia's birthday we all went swimming and andrew hasn't gone swimming since he was around 4 months old so i didn't know how he would like it but i'd say he loved it! 
the coldness of the water really didn't seem to bother him. he would just kick his little legs in the water, it was so cute! it made me happy he likes swimming! 
can't wait to go swimming a lot this summer! 
^^my little blue eyed swimmer!^^
^^andrew went down the water slide for the first time with daddy!
we didn't know if he was going to scream but he didn't really do anything. ha ha^^
^^of course i couldn't let daddy be the only fun parent so i had to step in and give it a try with him!^^
^^we painted our kitchen cabinets white! WHAOOO. i have been wanting to do this for over a year and now we finally did and it looks soooo good. cheers to white kitchens! 
after photo coming soon!^^ 
^^andrew is all about dogs so on his birthday we took him to see some puppies and his exicement for them lasted 3 minutes and he moved on... ha! i think he likes bigger dogs!^^
^^we went on a bike ride to article circle and got two ice cream cones.... 
seems fair, once you work out you get sweets? ha.^^
^^i went to a little craft party with my sister in law and we made these yarn wreaths with felt flowers.
it was so much fun and a great time!^^ 
and last but not least andrew driving a car. 
i'm pretty sure when he's 16 and he's in his car my mind will flash back to this photo
 and i will cry..... hahaha. 
one year old going on 16 before i know it. 
cheers to the weekend! 

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