December 23, 2015

gingerbread house!

anyways we decorated a gingerbread house a couple days ago and it seriously is one of my most favorite little traditions we do. i can't wait till andrew is older and helps decorate it.
 i bet it will be way cuter when he helps! ;) 
i love looking back at out photos with our gingerbread houses. 
our first year married one can be found HERE
and last year can be found HERE 
it was a good night with christmas music in the background and making many memories. 
goodness i love the holidays. 
^^watching dad start decorating!^^
^^every year i get to decorate the little gingerbread men!
but i'm sure in the many years to come it will be andrew's duty!^^
 ^^so focused!^^ 
 ^^oh andrew.... you make my world go round!^^
 ^^hahahha don't ask i thought it was funny.^^
^^he's in charge of the icicles... cause he's the bomb at them!^^
annnnnd wallah. 
its so colorful and fun. 
can't wait to see next's year. 
merry christmas eve eve!

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