December 7, 2015

walking in a winter wonderland!

the day after thanksgiving we went into the mountains with my whole family to look for christmas trees. it was sooooo pretty. we seriously were walking in a winter wonderland!
brandon and i didn't get ourselves a "real" christmas tree because we have a nice "fake" one at our house but everyone else did and we enjoyed going with them!
it was fun time getting trees, being in the mountains, sledding and being with the fam.
i made a little video clip of the time in the mountains. {clip below}
i'm so glad i have photos to remember this day but also more glad i have these memories on film.
video and more pictures below!

^^this was driving up into the mountains... it was so dang pretty!^^
^^all bundled up to keep warm!^^
^^to bright to open eyes! haha^^
^^my best friend and my lover.... boy i'm a lucky gal!^^
happy holla days friends! 

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