July 31, 2013

2 Months

Two months. What the what. okay okay I know two months isn't even that loooong, but still. 
Marriage is seriously so fun. I really honestly feel like i'm playing house. When I was a little girl and I would play house this is exactly how I would play it. 
Anyways, love this man and this cute little life we got going on. 

July 30, 2013

Herman Lake

This beautiful lake would be called Herman Lake. Its at the tip top point of Idaho and the best part its a 10 hour drive! My in laws go every year for about a week and Brandon and I had the chance of being able to go for the first of the week. I had heard sooooo many things about Herman Lake and I pictured it in my head, but seriously nothing will ever compare to how gorgeous it is.
^^ we arrived pretty late and by that time we were exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. We were told where the keys were suppose to be annnnnnnnd guess what. It wasn't. SO picture this. dark, no cell phone service, cold, and alone. It was quite the adventure to say the least. 
Luckily we broke in. 

  ^Bigger cabin is where the whole family stayed, and the little one up there was hubby's and mine^

^^husband is reeeaaally good at making peach cobbler^^

                                                           ^^I mean hellllllo breathtaking^^
^^swimming in the lake was the best thing,ever. Even our one year old niece loved it.^^
^^hahahha this picture says it all. Husband doing his best to let me cling onto him^^
^^cutest antique store ever^^
Well Herman Lake you didn't let me down. it was a fun weekend "glamping" I'd say. Thanks for all the bugs, swimming, smores, ice cream, wild life you had to offer us! 
See you next year!

July 18, 2013

Lagoon For Days

This year we decided to get season passes to Lagoon. We know when we have little ones that lagoon is waaaaay out of the picture until they're about 5, so thats why we decided to get one this year. (and also because were getting old.) We have only gone a couple times so far this year and hands down that husband of mine is my favorite to go to lagoon with. Seriously, you should hear him on the rides. He's grunting, and yelling, and acting like he literally is about to die. It cracks me up. I hope when we take our children to lagoon one day I'll remember all the silly moments Brandon and I had riding the rides. He's my favorite.

July 16, 2013

New Adventure

Well today is the day. I finally made my own blog. Documenting everything marriage and life have to offer. I can't wait. 

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