December 15, 2015

going to see santa!

last weekend we went to see santa and had a little lunch date! 
we went to station park and i swear this santa is the cutest one i have ever seen! 
he's the real deal.. and best part he remember me from last year. he was like i remember you.. you were pregnant! honestly made my day...well more like month. ha. 
andrew on the other hand was not a fan of santa or mrs. claus. 
we handed him to santa and he looked and him then looked at us then cried! 
it was oh so cute. mean parents who think its cute when he was crying with santa! ha 
we went to lunch at a hamburger place at it was good. 
here are some photos of the day below!
^^this turkey keeps us on our toes!^^
^^the waitress lady made us a little smiley face with a bow! darling!^^
^^hubby ran to the bathroom so i put my camera on timer and afterwards i looked at the photo and i noticed andrews face in this photo and guys HE'S SO CUTE. this is one of my new favorites.^^
^^soooooo good.^^
^^waiting in line to see santa!^^
^^um who the heck are you?!!^^
^^mom..... help!^^
^^so sad but oh so cute!^^
poor baby but don't worry once he was back in our arms he was completely fine. 
i'm calling it next year he cries too! ha
cheers to almost christmas and last minute shopping and christmas bucket list to do's!

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  1. Why in the one photo is Andrew not in a winter coat and both parents ARE?


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