June 27, 2014

"your person"

two days ago hubby and i were on are way to costco. it was like any other time going into town. radio on, talking, sun glass wearing and going over the grocery list. 
brandon kept mentioning the whole time that he had a headache before. 
so picture this. 
driving and brandon for the 5000 time goes : i have such a headache. 
jennie: why don't you drink some of this water that will help
brandon: i don't want to drink any water
jennie: whatever then that would help your headache. 
brandon goes: yeah isn't in frustrating when "your person" doesn't want to drink any water
(i guess sometimes i have a hard time drinking the amount of water i should)
jennie: "your person ahhhh" 
||this might just seem like a silly story but in that moment it was the cutest.|| 
i'm someones person
i've never heard of it being said that way.. mostly just wife, best friend, person i'm married to. 
but he called me his person. 
and let me just say i love it. 

June 24, 2014

Oneida Narrows // Camping Trip

summer is in full swing around here at the granges house and let me just say its been a blast! 
this last weekend we went camping at Oneida Narrows. that place is so fun to camp at. 
our favorite thing to do there is float the river... (be prepared for tons of river pictures) and sit around the fire and really just have good quality time together. i'm so glad i was raised by going camping. seriously nothing better. brandon and i always talk about how we want to be a camping family and take our future children camping. seriously we really love it. 
anyways here is some pictures.
^^alright try and tell me that doesn't look like one of the prettiest places ever??!! seriously the whole time you float the river you're just in awe from how pretty it is.^^
^^i'm the worst row-boater person ever.^^
^^i love her and i'm grateful for our cousin friendship we have.^^
^^stunning really.^^
^^sister came camping for the first time in a while and i loved having her there. she even pulled the trailer all by herself. talk about awesome.!^^
^^hellllllooo baby karter!^^
^^favorite reading spot.^^
^^throwing rocks with my girl.^^
^^nothing cuter than a baby with pig tails and a hat!^^
^^setting up the tent!^^
^^brandon was brave and got in the water!^^
^^see all those huge rocks all throughout the river... yep have to dodge those!^^
^^helping her hop to each one!^^
^^to cool for her own good.^^
^^favorite peeps!^^
^^mama don't be mad. hahahha my mother is a BABE. seriously look at her. peace fingers the cutest sun hat and lets not forget to point out my white father in the back. hahaha!^^
^^huge wave........^^
^^wooooow everyone hold on!^^
^^hahahha that was fun and super cool.^^
^^smore baby!^^
nothing prettier. camping is the greatest. 
if you made it through this long post give yourself a high five... seriously.
camping you make my heart happy. 

June 12, 2014

life lately at the beginning of summer.

sumahahahmerr is here! and i'm so happy about it! 
bring on the ice cream and snow cones and fairs and fireworks and fires and camping and swimming suits. eeeek. everything is better in the summer time. Our summer is going off to a great start and we couldn't be more happy about it! here are some photos of 
life lately at the fresh fun beginning of summer! 
^^summer hats... love them!^^
^^thanks for letting of use your pool in laws!^^
^^my sweet cousin graduated!^^
^^living the farm life a little bit!^^
^^we went to the zoo the other day up in logan and it was fun!^^
^^look how cute my sister is all prego!^^
^^i love when weddings have good food!^^
^^we went to st. George after our anniversary and this temple is so pretty and so very white!^^
^^that temple is so pretty! thanks for walking around it with me babe!^^
^^we got to meet our little niece sadie!^^
^^she's so perfect. i love her.^^
^^excuse the horrible i-phone quality but i LOVE this picture. oh miss harper she's just a light. we played hair and makeup while we were in st. geezy and i let her use my lipstick. she was in heaven! honestly my love for my nieces is out of control. they have my heart!^^
^^this mint house is perfect!^^
^^cookouts with my favorite people!^^
^^i had a shower for my sister in law and my nephew karter who i can't wait to meet!^^
^^favorite thing is to play volleyball at my mamas with everyone!^^
^^please notice that my brother just threw me one the ground and then moved on to tackle brandon.^^

^^i will say i sure do love older brothers and my hubby!^^
^^check out that form!^^
^^i love my sisters!^^
^^love this marshmallow all over her face girl!^^
^^we have a cherry tree in our backyard and it is filled with them!^^
^^husband is smart. he made this watering system and its GENIUS!^^
^^the garden is doing quite some improvement from this last time!^^
just to end this long life lately post here is a picture of my sweaty husband who was mowing the lawn. in case you can't tell i'm his biggest fan. 
summer i'm so glad you're finally here!!!

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