September 29, 2016

andrew at 18 months!

this guy turned a year and half.
my life has been changed for the better because of him. 
18 months with you andrew and i love it!! 
he just had his doctors apt so i wanted to write down his stats. 
33 inches tall
23 pounds and 5.0 ounces
68% height, 36% weight and 97% head 
a couple things about you. 
-animal noises you can do are dogs, horses, ducky, fishy, lion, monkey, 
dinosaur, cow, bird and chicken
-loves to jump and walk backwards and spin in circles 
-you love to dance especially with daddy
-you can say what the tractor says and what daddy trucks says and what mater says, dada
and my favorite mama! 
-you love trucks, tractors and cars
-you also love to read books 
-you take one nap for about 2 hours on most days 
-loves to be cuddled to sleep 
-tucks his arms in when we carry him 
-if you poop you point to your lower tummy ha!
-loves the movie cars, planes and recently finding nemo
-you love your chocolate milk in the morning 
-copies mom with cleaning and doing dishes
-loves to climb up on tables and chairs 
-being outside is your favorite thing
-when you do something naughty you say no no no with your little finger pointing
-you have mastered running and throwing yourself on the ground when you throw a fit 
you do so much more and you make us happy and laugh everyday! 

September 26, 2016

fall time is here!

this weekend we went up to snow basin to see the fall leaves! 
YOU GUYS. if you haven't yet, get in your car and go for a drive and see them! 
it was so darn beautiful! 
couple of days before we went up, it snowed so the bottom of mountain was fall 
and the top was winter.  it was breathtaking. 
we spent a couple hours up there and i love how much we love mountains. 
andrew was right at home i tell ya!
^^i kept telling brandon my favorite was the pops of red and orange!^^ 
^^those blue eyes..... like what!^^
^^it was so foggy up top!^^
^^and this is why daddy is the fun one!^^
^^he would just start walking and go exploring. he loves the outdoors!^^
^^we rode the gondala and it was so worth it! this was right when we started going up and andrew wasn't so sure with what was happening! ha^^
^^and then he got comfortable and was all about it!^^
^^it was so pretty riding it! you could see for miles and got an extra good view of the colors!^^
^^just talking away!^^
^^this was up top. it was freezing! there was about a foot of snow and we saw people snowboarding and skiing. i will say that snow got me really excited for christmas ha!^^
^^baby in a winter coat... nothing cuter i tell ya!^^
^^I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANDREW. and red nose from being up in the cold!^^
^^back down at the bottom again... guys these colors are just beautiful!^^
^^snow basin has the awesome playground!^^
it was such a good weekend up in the fall mountains. 
i can't believe how beautiful it was up there. 
go go go and see the leaves before they're gone. 
trust me it's worth it! 

September 19, 2016

my 24th birthday!

my birthday was this last past week and it was great! 
i seriously LOVE birthdays but i really love mine. ha! 
husband took the day off this year so that was extra nice but what was one of the best part 
was that andrew slept like a champ that night and so did i! 
if andrew sleeps through the night i still wake up because brandon's alarm for work wakes me up 
or i have to pee! ha but on my birthday morning i heard andrew and i looked at the time and it said 6:30! it took me a minute to realized i slept solid through the night! ha ha i have not slept that great since before andrew was born. it was glorious! ha 
we woke up and open some presents and then went to wheeler historic farm. 
dang zoo for being closed! 
later we came home and andrew napped and we watched a movie and then went to dinner!
it was a great birthday!!
some photos of the day below! 
^^andrew's birthday card to me.... goodness i'm keeping this forever!^^
^^helping mama open some presents!^^
^^brandon got me this birthday girl ribbon to wear. 
he's so darn cute when it comes to my birthday!^^
^^running away from all the ducks!^^
^^feeding a cow is pure delight to andrew!^^

^^he was seriously LOVING it. it was the cutest!^^
^^we went to dinner at the oaks and it was a little chilly but it was beautiful there!^^
^^my pesto pasta which was so good!^^
^^brandon's steak sandwich!^^
^^thanks mama for coming to dinner and for everything else you do for me. 
i sure did luck out in the mom department!^^
^^free chocolate sundae for my birthday!^^
it was a great birthday! 
hubby sure did spoil me and i love him lots and lots! 
thank you to everyone. 
i got lots of people who wished me a happy birthday. 
you all made me feel special! 
last birthday here
2014 birthday here 
2013 birthday here 

September 12, 2016

a photography class!

in july i took a 3 day photography class from the amazing jessica haderlie
you guys. it was amazing. like over the moon amazing. 
i really wish i could put into words how thankful i am i did the class! 
i had already done a photography class in feb of 2015 and it didn't even compare to jessica's! 
having a 3 day class was great! 
that way we weren't shoving everything into one day. 
jessica's class went over shooting in manual, understand exposure and lighting, 
editing and how to organize your photos and so much more! 
every time i left the class i felt so inspired. 
jessica is one of those people who i adore. i think highly of her and i'm so grateful i know her! 
she really is such a doll! 
you guys if you ever wanted to learn to use your camera in manual this class if for YOU. 
trust me you won't be disappointed. 
thank you so much jessica for everything! 

September 9, 2016

a boy and his truck

a boy and his truck. 
andrew loves his dumptruck. he pushes it around every where. its the cutest. 
i'm not sure how his legs don't get tired but he can push and push that thing all around the yard.
here are some photos of him and his truck. 
goodness, he has my heart.
^^i'm still in awe sometimes i have a little boy with blue eyes!^^
^^thinking he's funny over something! ha^^
^^his little nose that i probably kiss 800 times a day.^^
^^this picture cracks me up. it's his little serious face that i love oh so much.^^
^^bums up! ha ha one day he's going to be a lot bigger playing with this dumptruck so i want to remember all those little details. especially of his little bum up in the air!^^
^^please don't ever grow up andrew!^^
^^stop taking my pictures mom. ha^^
i love you little andrew and your love for trucks! 

September 2, 2016

bear lake video!

here is a little video from our time up at bear lake
we had so much fun! 
my favorite parts in the video are when karter and andrew hug... AHHH! 
and when andrew's tickling mason. goodness we love cousins. 
ps. watch till the very end. my dad kills me. and yes he's kidding :) 

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