December 3, 2015

thanksgiving day!

thanksgiving this year was probably one of my favorites i'd have to say! 
it was snowy that day so the drive to idaho was interesting. we passed so many cars that were on the side of the road. goodness peeps drive safe in the snow! 
we had thanksgiving this year at a school! HA 
thats what happens when your grandma sales her huge house that could fit everyone and no one's house is that big anymore to fit everyone. i have a huge family and i LOVE it. 
the food was beyond amazing and it was just a good day. 
i love my family. 
oh and before we went to the school we stopped in malad so andrew could met his
 "kissing cousin" hahaha i'm kidding but not really. ;) 
it was a good day! 
enjoy the video above!
pss. the best part in this video is the last clip... brandon's face and his kiss to me.
 i've laughed my butt off watching it over and over again. man he's a keeper. 
^^we have babies.... so crazy.^^
annnnnd what are cousins for? to hep fed you crackers of course. ha ha 
last thanksgiving found HERE 
and the year before found HERE 


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