February 16, 2015

35 weeks!!

35 weeks! 
my oh my! i can't believe i'm 35 weeks. do you guys realize that this little guy could come really soon now? its starting to freak me out. when i hit my 35 week mark i realized no more messing around and time to get serious. everyday i'm crossing off things off my to do list. so much to do to prepare for this little guy. i really can't wait. i'm so excited to meet him! 
how far along are you? 35 weeks and 5 days to be exact! 
gender? BOY! 
how big is baby? honeydew melon (19-22in, 5.5lbs!)
maternity clothes? just my one pair of pants! i actually put on these red pants and they buttoned up! i was so impressed. ha ha also started wearing husbands tee shirts. (so smart!)
sleep? i really can't complain i still get good sleep. i wake up a lot during the night and think of things i need to do and i and toss and turn a lot. 
movement? this little guy sure does love to kick his mama. the other day my ribs were so sore! 
weight gain? last apt i gained 3 pounds in 1 weeks! i'm starting to go every week now. so lets see how much i add on. ain't going to lie stepping on the scale is kinda fun. ha ha my nurse said 
"you're the only one who cheers when she steps on the scale!"  
food cravings? nothing specific. just like my food! 
food aversions? nope! thank heavens! 
labor signs? nope. which is wonderful lets keep him cooking a little longer! 
belly button in or out? its totally out. 
best moment this week?  getting more and more ready for him to come and feeling his little movements. he loves church hymns and loves when i'm in the car singing taylor swift. he will always start kicking for those 2 things! 
some happy moments? this little guy gets the hiccups everyday. its my favorite to say brandon he has the hiccups! oh and baby showers! they're the best. i have one more this week!
 baby boy is spoiled. 
what am i looking forward to? seeing this little guy! i can't wait to see what he looks like and
 i really just wanna hold my baby in my arms. 
ps. i think we will make a pretty cute baby if i do say so myself! ha ha 

valentines day 15'

brandon is a gem. 
this year we agreed that valentines day will be kept simple. 
i made him promise me and promise me over and over that he wouldn't go all out this year. i wanted to save money because you know we will be having a little one soon and we still need to get a few things. baby things are expensive! 
on valentines day i slept in and brandon woke up to take a 2 1/2 hour test. when i got up he was right in the middle of it and said i need to show you something he then rushed me to the kitchen and showed me the table. he wrote me such a sweet little letter that i'm going to keep forever and some yummy chocolates that I've already ate most of them. ha ha and the prettiest flowers plus a sparkling drink. when i saw it all he said "what i just had to do something! its small!"
 he was scared he was going to get in trouble. ha ha
 i don't know what i did to deserve you brandon grange but boy i'm so glad i did!  
^^roses are so simple but so beautiful!^^
^^making sugar cookies for valentines day!^^
^^that day my little nephew mason was getting sealed in the ogden temple. it was such a sweet moment. he's the cutest little thing. annnnd i can't believe the temple grounds had flowers in febuary!! what the what!^^
^^my brothers don't do bright sun very well. ha ha^^
^^the sweetest little family of 4!^^
^^i like to think this is mason waving at me. ha ha hi aunt jennie!^^
^^these 2 birth mothers are wonderful. i love them both so very much!^^
^^karter k naisbitt you have my heart!^^
^^i asked her if we could take a picture and she says yes but i sit right here. ha ha^^
^^valentines day night we order Chinese take out and watched some netflix. it was very relaxing and perfect alone time with my hubby!^^
I love you my valentine! i'm so happy that every year you will be my valentine and that next year i'll also have another little valentine in my life. 
i love you. 

February 12, 2015

baby shower #1!

two weeks ago i had my very first baby shower! 
my goodness i was so excited! way more than i was for my bridal showers. their is something about getting things for your little one that is just so fun! my amazing sister in law threw one for me. 
she is phenomenal at throwing parties. seriously you'd think she made up pinterest. it was a wonderful time and thank you to everyone who came out to support baby grange and me! 
^^best little present helper!^^
^^so everyone guessed how long the string was that would fit around my tummy. lets just say most of them were way off! ha ha^^
^^mother in law on chocolate fountain duties!^^
^^my mother made this and my goodness i LOVE it. i had no idea she was making this and its my favorite. i look at it everyday! thanks mama!^^
^^oh my heart!^^
^^my sister in law jyl made this blanket for me. its so soft. baby will love it!!!^^
^^the best party thrower!^^
^^thank you granges for the beautiful quilt!^^
^^brandon came towards the end to have a snack and get the presents and she was so happy to see him. stuff like that makes my heart happy.^^
thank you again for everyone who came. it was such a fun shower. 
baby grange is one spoiled little man! 
and ps. thank you again amber for going all out. it was perfect! 

February 9, 2015

34 weeks!

34 weeks and 4 days! 
my goodness i can't believe i'm almost to the finish line. 
slightly freaking out and slightly so excited i can't even stand it. 
i'm at that point where i often find myself day dreaming about how life will be with a little one. 
i'm so excited to be a mom and to watch and see brandon become a dad. 
we talk about it all the time. this time right now we will be giving him a bath or i bet we just watch him on a blanket on the floor or he's going to love going to grandmas house and being on the farm. 
i hope and pray i will be a good mother to my little one. i hope i can be the example he needs throughout his life and not just a mother but also a friend to him. because i'm pretty sure he's going to be my best little sidekick and i'm not ever going to want to let him go. #obsessedmom  
baby i can't wait to see what you will look like. if you have my ears or your dad's lips if you have dark hair or no hair. either way you'll be the cutest little thing and i'll probably kiss you 27364 times. 
mama can't wait to meet you in just a few short couple weeks. 
cheers to the end! 

February 6, 2015

baby room update!

our favorite place in our house is hands down the baby's room. we always just hang out in there. 
i love it. its came a long way. the room before was kinda my little storage place. its where i did my make up and just stashed all my unnecessary junk i have. ha ha cleaning it out took some time. 
we first needed to paint the room you will see why below... hideous! brandon worked really hard on the baby's room during his christmas break. thank you hubby! it looks so good!  
^^WHY they painted it like this is beyond me!^^ 
^^we decided to paint the walls a light gray. we LOVE it!^^
^^painting all day long!^^
^^this was such a fun night setting up the crib. brandon surprised me and bought the crib all by himself. #proudwife!^^
^^reading instructions!^^
^^i mostly sat and watched and laid in my body pillow!^^
^^my mother gave us a rocking chair that needed to be re-painted and the cushions needed to be redone too. she did that part and brandon spray painted the chair white for me. i love it!^^
so now we got a dresser and a crib and a rocking chair. 
all i need to do is work on decorating... which is the hard part. 
6 more weeks! ahhhhh!! 

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