July 31, 2017

andrew and mama

every year i love taking pictures by my clematis's. 
I love when they're in bloom!! 
I have taken a picture in front of these with andrew three times now. LIKE HOW!! 
its crazy to see how much my little one has grown. 
last year HERE 
year before that HERE
^^i love you andrew. thanks for making me a mama!^^
^^stay little forever!^^

July 25, 2017

25 weeks with baby number two!

First bump update with baby number 2! 
I'm so excited to be having another little boy. 
I can't wait to snuggle him!! 3 more months baby!!! 

How far along are you? 25 weeks and 4 days.
Gender? boy boy boy boy! 
how big is baby? 9 inches and 1.7lbs according to my app! haha 
maternity clothes? oh yes! i'm lots bigger this time around.
 i had to buy a maternity swimming suit and shorts! 
movement? oh yes ALL DAY LONG. I don't think he ever sleeps ha ha 
during the night if i have to roll over i have to do it very carefully or i wake him up and he starts moving and kicking for 5 minutes and  by then i'm completely woke up! 
weight gain? yes! i don't remember the exact amount but i've gain some! 
food cravings? nothing specific. just have to make sure i'm fed and it takes awhile to eat! 
no room in there for food! ha ha
sleep? at first it was just fine but the last couple weeks i've started to have a hard time sleeping and getting comfy. 
food aversions? nope! thank heavens! 
labor signs? no which is good! too early! 
belly button in or out? totally out. before i was even half way! totally different this time around. 
some happy moments? seeing andrew love on my tummy. he's still to little to fully understand but hearing him say, "baby wake up or baby is kicking" is the sweetest thing ever. 
what am i looking forward to? Getting the nursery ready and getting out all the little baby clothes again!    

July 20, 2017

meadows camping + a video!

over the fourth of july we went camping up to the meadows campground in huntsville. 
It was really pretty up there but so hot! 
we were so glad there was a river right by our campground cause thats what helped us survived ha! 
we spent most of our time down by the river and the boys all made little damns with the rocks. 
i made a little video which you can watch above and lots of photos below too! 
^^my best little friend! love you so much andrew and your love for camping!^^
^^the river was ice cold! i'm so surprised andrew didn't cry getting wet! ha!^^
^^sooooooo cold!^^
^^this kid and his personality! i LOVE it!^^
^^they spent so much time making the little damns... they grown men were like kids! 
they would have been out there for hours!^^
^^baby bumping it!^^
^^crossing the river!^^
^^little andrew found this in grandmas trailer and loved coloring the entire time!
ps. don't get me started of how cute i think he is in a hat!^^
^^oakley is such a champ. andrew doesn't quite understand he has to be slow and soft with oakley and she deals with him so good! but these two are pretty cute cousins!^^
^^this little one loves his papa!^^
^^cousin karter came up for the day on friday and andrew was so happy to have him there!^^
we had a great time! 
spending time outdoors with family.... nothing beats that! 

July 18, 2017

farmers market

we went to the farmers market a couple saturdays ago 
and we had a great time! 
I got the cutest sign, free samples ha, andrew got a balloon and we get to see a pet goose! 
we were in and out of there pretty quick but we had a great time!!!! 
I like to make little videos, its such a fun way to remember things! 
and andrew loves watching them!
enjoy enjoy.

July 17, 2017

oneida narrows + a video!

In june we went to oneida narrows! 
I love that place. Its the first official camping trip we have for the year. 
Its insanely beautiful up there and we always have a great time. 
I made a little video of the trip and you can watch that above 
and some photos from the trip are below!
^^patiently waiting for dad to catch a fish!^^
^^best friends i tell you.^^
^^brandon caught a fish and let andrew help rill it in.
andrew thought it was the best thing ever!^^
^^i love this picture so much!^^
^^trying to touch the fish but also scared hahaha^^
^^floating the river with this crew!^^
^^going fishing again!^^
^^love this crew so much!^^
^^did you see my news?! also exciting news me and my cousin have the SAME DUE DATE! 
its really crazy but its also so fun!^^
ll four of us prego at the same time all due within a week of each other! so many babies going to be joining the family!!! i just love it! 
last year at oneida found HERE 

July 15, 2017

one second everyday - june

one second everyday for the month of june! 
I can't believe how fast summer is going?! like WHY!!! slow down!!!! 
i say it everytime but i love watching these every month. 
it reminds me of all the good in each day! 

July 13, 2017


guess what!!!! 
we're expecting baby BOY number 2!!!!! 
we're so EXCITED!!! 
I'm going to be a boy mom! 
I can't wait to hold and snuggle this little guy. 
November can't come soon enough! 

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