September 21, 2015

happy 23 birthday to me!

im 23 years old! 
i feel like that's soooo much older than 22. ha!
andrew woke up extra early because i think he wanted to get the party started and to see daddy before he left for work. it worked out good because i got to open one gift
 in the morning from brandon. which was a birthday shirt! 
later on my mother and i went to gardner village and shopped around and had some lunch. 
i love that place. on my birthday is was super rainy all day long. i can't remember the last time it has rained on my birthday or if it ever has so that was a change. we had to carry umbrellas around! 
after we went to brandons work and hubby and i and andrew went to city creek and did a little more shopping and went to the cheesecake factory. (which was delicious!) 
afterwards we came home and finally opened some presents ha!
it was a lovely day and i got spoiled! 
i'm exicted to see what happens in this next year! 
^^my brother and sister in law decorated my bedroom. 
it made my day and made me feel so special!^^
^^it was a down pour at gardner village all day! we were crazy to stay and shop around in it!^^
^^my mother and i in her favorite fabric store. i don't sew but i will admit there was darling material and she was totally in heaven!^^
^^THOSE BLUE EYES. (waiting for daddy to get out of work!)
^^my talented mother made me this pillow and i LOVE it.!^^
^^hubby bought me a cake and honestly that jester was so thoughtful and cute!^^
^^andrew being all mesmerized by the candles!^^
me at 23 with my little man. 
i'm pretty sure one day i'll look at this photo and say "boy! i was young!" ha! 
thank you hubby for everything you did and thanks mama too. i'm a lucky gal! 
ps. last year's birthday found HERE and 2013 birthday found HERE

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