November 30, 2013

Happy 6 months!

Happy 6 months of marriage to me and the husband! It blows my mind that it has been 6 months since the day I said I do and it even blows my mind more that its almost been 1 year since we've been engaged! It has been the best time of my life. Husband thank you for being my best friend. For letting me tell you all my secrets, all my fears and random things that I know you really just don't care to listen too. Thanks for putting up with me, making me laugh and for making me realize whats important and whats not. You make me want to be the best wife I can simply be and the best friend and person for everyone else. I sure do love you hubby. More than anything in the world and I can't wait for the next 6 months and the next 60 plus years with you! 
Happy 6 months to us! 

November 25, 2013

The griswold family christmas tree

Happy thanksgiving week! This weekend was oh so very good and much needed. Lately the husband and I have been going back and forth on if we want a real tree or a fake tree. The size of the real tree we were wanting would cost around 60-70 bucks and we decided in the long run its better to get a fake tree now. When we have little ones I would like to have a real tree and have the whole tradition of going to get a real one but for now we decided on the fake tree.
Saturday morning we decided to go to costco and get one there and get some free samples. (yes we are one of those people haha) and my goodness costco was insane on saturday. sooo so so many people. I had to ride like this on the cart to make it easier to move and walk throughout the aisles. While we were there getting the tree we had no thought at all thinking "will this fit in the car or how are we going to get it home?" 
Finally we checked out and walked to the car and then we had those thoughts. As we were walking to the car we kept saying uh what if this doesn't fit and let me tell you it didn't. We had our first Griswold family christmas tree moment. If you haven't seen Christmas Vacation i would highly recommend going to buy it, its a classic. Anyways, once we got to the car we tried putting it in the back seat and had no luck there, it wouldn't even go past the door. Second we tried getting in the trunk but the box was so huge it wouldn't even go in a little. I was dying of laughter and people kept watching us and laughing as well. It was not are brightest moment. We called some family members to see if they were in town to help us out and we had no luck there. 
Finally we decided to put it on the roof of the car and tie it down and drive home. We were a little worried since the wind was crazy that day. Luckily costco had string that we could use. Husband tied it up on the roof and by doing that it locked me in the car. We were in costcos parking lot for almost an hour tying the tree down and making sure the wind wasn't going to blow it off. It was such a joke. I kept laughing it was such a sight. Finally we made it home and the tree box scraped the top of the husbands car. What luck. ha ha
I can't wait to put it up and decorate our first family christmas tree! 

November 22, 2013

craft fair + weekend

Yesterday I went to a craft fair with my mama + sister I love craft fairs. looooove them.  I love walking down each row and looking at everything and spending money I don't have to spend (husbands words) ha ha I think its pretty neat how they do these + how they decorated it so good. I took a few photos because it was like a Christmas wonder land there. I was in heaven.
^^i wanted every single one of those jams!^^
I mean doesn't it get you all hyped up for the holidays? I can't believe thanksgiving is less than a week away! Where has 2013 year gone? I feel like I was just recently engaged and married and all that jazz and now its almost the end of the year. It makes me sad how fast time goes... I want it to slow down. I want to cherish every moment and remember the big and little ones. I don't even have kids yet (no i'm not prego) and I worry about how fast they will grow up. So silly of me. Worrying of things that don't need to be worried about... quite yet. :)

SO I was brave girl the other day and cut 3 inches off my hair. I know I know that's nothing but for me whose had the same hair length for 6 years its a reeeaally big deal. And the best part is that I LOVE it. I love the length of it and how not heavy it is. It's really great and even though its not that much you can totally tell my hair is shorter. its the best. 

I'm going to go see Catching Fire tonight. I'm pumped. I really like jennifer lawrence i think she is the funniest, most down to earth famous person. oh and I really like hunger games (not as much as twilight) but who am i kidding i really just love any book/movie. 

oh guess what. this morning at breakfast husband was telling me that this weekend we will be setting up christmas! (coming from the guy who said we have to wait till after thanksgiving) I knew my christmas spirit would get him! ha ha

OK i swear i'm done rambling now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and do something hoilday-ish.hahaha if thats even a word. xoxox 

November 18, 2013


Over the weekend we went go cart racing for Brandon's brothers birthday. At first I was going back and forth on deciding if I wanted to go because I would be going against guys and really i'm soooo not a racer. I really must have been in la la land because I did not expect what to happen. I was like a turtle compared to cheetahs. Seriously, no joke. All the guys were soooo fast and honestly it scared me to go fast because I really didn't want to flip or die. So everytime I saw a go cart coming I would kindly get out of their way (because they took it very very serious) and then here comes me slowly behind them. But my fastest time around was only 3 seconds slower than the fastest guy!  
^^we had to wear these helmet protector things...soooo cute right?^^
^^my husband was such a little trooper he didn't even care to really race he just wanted to stay by me and protect me. (cutest thing ever!) Some random guy watching yelled get that girl in the red outta there. hahaha what a jerk. I was going really fast according to me.^^
And guess who came in last? ME! whaoooo. I was so very proud of myself. ha ha It was a fun experience and super thrilling. I probably will leave it to the guys next time but if you haven't done it I would highly recommend it!  

November 13, 2013

What I came home to tonight!

I pulled into my driveway tonight to find this handsome husband up on the roof...putting up Christmas lights! He's such a dashing guy, I mean I don't think I've ever seen a hotter guy on a roof before. ;) He wanted to put them up before it snows but don't worry we won't turn them on till the day after thanksgiving! Of course I grabbed my camera to document the moment. 
Love pretty christmas lights, love the holidays and sure do love this man of mine.
Happy Holidays!

November 11, 2013

A good weekend + christmas goodies

I'm such a big fan of the weekends. I love that I get to spend two whoooole days with the husband. From morning to night. Its my absolute favorite. This weekend was a good one. I mean they always are but this one was extra good. Here at the Grange house we are getting a little excited about Christmas. It's probably 65% stuff we talk about. 
This weekend we went to Walmart and bought our first Christmas lights for the tree + outside lights for the house. We spent 1 hour in the light betcha I was going crazy after awhile. Finally husband gave me the cart and sent me off. I think I was too distracting. ha ha so I went and bought a christmas book + christmas movies. 
I might be going overboard already for christmas but personally I think its okay. Don't get me wrong I'm not one of those people who skip thanksgiving but in my case listening to christmas music and all that jazz helps me get into the thanksgiving/christmas mood. Don't worry we won't be putting up the tree till the day after thanksgiving no later than that. Does anyone have their tree up yet? 
**photo taken by Julie Parker**

November 6, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Husbands birthday was Saturday and he turned 27! I sure do love that man of mine and I have 27 reasons why I love him so much. I always have been a big fan of birthdays and I think that everybody's birthday should be a big deal. I mean it only happens once in a year. Since its only the two of us I got to spoil him to the max like he did with my birthday and because I love him very much so.  It was so fun to decorate the house while he was asleep and secretly wrap presents for him. 
^^something you should know about my husband is that he LOOOOVES the broncos^^
^^someone was reeeaaally happy^^
^^more broncos stuff of course^^
^^on his birthday we went shopping for a little bit and now days whatever store we go to, we just have to stop in the Christmas section its a must^^
^^for dinner he wanted buffalo wild wings and the people there were so nice. They made such a lovely birthday crown for him. ;)^^
^^later that night on his birthday there was a knock on our door and this was outside. Come to find out it was from my brother and sister in law. hahaha^^
^^ On sunday we had a family party for him and oh this cake. This cake was the death of me. Before church I cooked the cake and I forgot to take it out of the pan to let it cool (dumb move I know) so by the time I got to frosting it, it would not come out of the pan for dear life. Finally we got it out and half the cake was thanks to my wonderful sister in law for all the help we just improvised and frosted the best we could and put hostess around the cake and drizzled chocolate all on the top. Husband was so sweet about it. I should have took a before picture you would have died.^^
^^hahha brandon blowing out the candle with my niece and my brother in law and myself also decided to join in.^^
He's to cute, really though. I LOVE my husband and I love birthdays. So happy I have a partner in crime to share birthdays, holidays, rainy days and of course every single day with. 

November 4, 2013


Every year it seems holidays just keep getting better and better + when you have a lover to share holidays with its like the best EVER. This year we didn't put to much thought into costumes I was a cat and that husband of mine was a ghost. I was a cat in 5 grade so I already had the ears and the tail and with brandons we just cut up a big sheet! We ended up going to my parents church Halloween party because my mamma was in charge of it so we went to help her out. At the party no kids wouldn't even come near Brandon, every little kid was terrified of him. I completely understand their side, I mean look at him! eeks! haha anyways I love this time of year. I love that the next 3 months have a holiday so my house will have decorations + goodies galore. 
^^hahahha such class we have^^
^^just doing what cats do + check out Brandon.... eeeeeek! 
^^can you tell i'm trying really hard to be like a cat? haha^^
^^the cutest elephant EVER^^
The ghost and the cat are in love very much so. I sure do love that my husband dresses up with me. He's such a little trooper. I hope your Halloween was wonderful! 

November 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Husband!

Happy Birthday to my sexy, handsome, lovable husband! I love you more than words can describe. Because you are 27 years old, here are 27 reasons why I love you so darn much
I love that you listen to me 
I love that you put me first in everything
I love that you keep me warm in the night, especially my toes
I love that you have such a strong testimony
I love that you love kids
I love that you let me eat all the goodies
I love that you make such good smoothies 
I love that you watch my girl shows with me
I love that you always take pictures with me even when you don't want to
I love that you always try out my new cooking treats
I love that you make me laugh till my stomach hurts
I love that you work so hard for our little family 
I love that you sing taylor swift with me 
I love that you wake me up so nicely in the morning
I love that you go on bike rides with me 
I love how handsome you are
I love that you married me
I love that you're such an excellent cook 
I love that you let me do crafts
I love that you love holidays
I love how smart you are
I love that you get things right the first time 
I love your smile
I love that you support me 
I love that you call me through out the day to tell me you love me
I love that you always know best
and best of all... I love that you love me

November 1, 2013

10 Things I'm Grateful For

Happy November! My goal this month is to really reflect on things that i'm grateful for. Sometimes I forget how blessed I really am. I have so many things that I love in my life and I want to make sure to notice them. Below is 10 things i'm grateful for today and most importantly everyday. 
1. My husband
2. My home
3. Goodies 
4. My family
5. Holidays 
6. Blogging 
7. My camera
8. Candles 
9. Church 
10. My car
Cheers to another month and being grateful! 

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