August 20, 2017

downata 2017!

downata was a big hit this year! 
andrew LOVED IT. 
he absolutely loved jumping into the pool and going down the kid slide.
he was in heaven swimming for three days, playing in the sand and camping in the trailer. 
oh and lets not forget eating ice cream every night! 
so glad my mama had her camera cause i didn't take one picture on my own camera! 
photos below!
^^jump! i'm not kidding when i say we did this all day long at the pool.^^
^^he even learned how to blow bubbles under the water!
story time just so i remember this. 
we had just got to the pool and was clear in the back putting our towels down when all of a sudden i hear a splash and andrew had jumped into the deep end without a life jacket. brandon ran to the pool and jumped in and andrew was at the bottom of the pool trying to swim up but of course he wasn't moving since he doesn't know how to swim. we pulled him out of the water and he proudly said, "I jump in water!" dang kid! didn't even scare him he was so proud of himself!!! AND i need to add this trust me, we watch our child and make sure he's always safe. my family always teases me that i'm grandma flint aka over protective!^^
^^photo credit: kyle. thanks bro!^^
^^helping this sweetie into the pool! 
ALSO this is why you swim thursday and friday... no one in pool!^^
^^racing down the slide!^^
^^he just adores her!^^
love you so much jyl! 
downata was a great time. 
i've blogged downata 5 times now! oh insane that i've been blogging this long! 
here are the years before! 

August 16, 2017

summer days

someone come and help me organize my life. ha! 
I have so many photos and things i need to blog and do with but summer time is just oh so good and busy and i'm having a hard time doing it! ha ha i will catch up... don't you worry! 
mason turned 3 in july and his little birthday party was a big hit! 
here are some photos from that evening. 
ps. grandpa and his boys... oh my heart!
^^aunt jessie teaching him how to make bubbles!^^
^^pretty much a bubble maker pro!^^
^^slip and sliding with cousins!^^
^^these two.... oh how he loves oakley!^^

^^that moment when your uncle throws you down the slip and slide
 and you just aren't happy about it. hahaha!^^
^^so so so sad hahaha^^
^^he came and told us all about what happened! ha^^
^^she turns one soon and we just all adore this little gal!^^
cutest little cousins!

August 3, 2017

one second everyday - july

summertime goes sooooo fast but july seriously was like a blink! 
I can't get over how fast it went. 
spent the month doing two camping trips, shooting a wedding and growing and raising my two boys! 
cheers to august and lets hope it doesn't go so fast! 

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