December 30, 2014

christmas eve!

christmas eve was a wonderful day. 
something about the holidays i swear. gotta love them. 
brandon had to go to work that morning but was home by the time i practically got up. ha ha i spent the morning straightening up the house and making gingerbread cookies. my goodness they were amazing. it was a good day. here are some photos of the day! 
^^hanging out at my mama's house with all my siblings. its my favorite when we're all together.^^
^^guys i did my research and if you're on the look out for a really good gingerbread men recipe that's so yummy and soft, you gotta try this one. seriously i'm hooked!^^
^^hubby and I decorated them. ha ha^^
^^after hanging out at my moms we went to my in-laws. she made these stockings. aren't they so cute??!! they're a lot of hard work!^^
^^playing games!^^
^^christmas eve pjs from my in-laws!^^
^^28 weeks read more HERE!^^
^^i loved growing up and getting christmas eve pjs so i will continue to do this tradition with my own little family. brandon got b-ball shorts! so exicted to get mister baby pjs next year!^^
^^this awesome eye mask came with my pjs. ha ha i've never had one before but i love the idea of it! probably won't sleep with it because it also freaks me out.^^
christmas eve pjs! 
christmas eve you were a good one.
many many many memories made! 

December 29, 2014

gingerbread house!

right before christmas we decorated a gingerbread house! 
it is one of my favorite traditions. we eat goodies and listen to christmas music while we decorate it. 
the way to go when doing gingerbread houses is buy yours already built. seriously its life changing. we buy ours at costco. its already made we just get to have the fun part of decorating it and it doesn't fall apart which is the best. little traditions make me happy. 

such a fun night. thanks hubby for doing it with me! 
last year's gingerbread house found HERE

December 28, 2014

28 Weeks!

28 weeks! 
oh my oh my! 
wasn't i just 22 weeks? man this little bump has grown! i'm now at the point where i'm like....
"i'm so fat." ha ha christmas time was a good time. it was one of my favorite christmas's. everything turned out perfect. this picture was taken on christmas eve. on the actual christmas day baby boy was moving and pushing and stretching like CRAZY all day long. i'm not even kidding. he sure is a little mover but my goodness never that crazy like he was on christmas day. (i'm pretty sure he was loving the ham and all the goodies!) we love you baby boy. 
you already have your mama's and daddys heart. 
how far along are you? 28 weeks aka six and a half months! 
gender? BOY! 
how big is baby? head of a cauliflower (16 in, 2.5 lbs)
maternity clothes? YES. well only maternity jeans. i should have bought those long ago. 
sleep? its still my favorite thing to do but still having to make a trip to the bathroom and is starting to get uncomfortable. thank you hubby for a body pillow! 
movement? oh my yes. karate kicker. 
weight gain? i'm so proud of myself on this one. 6 pounds at our last appointment. 
so total 14 pounds i think! 
food cravings? nothing specific just love food. oink oink! ha 
food aversions? nothing really. which is awesome
belly button in or out? still in! but doubt that stays like that ha 
best moment this week? christmas day feeling my little man all day long! 
what am i looking forward to? painting the baby's room this week (hopefully!) 
and setting up the crib! 

December 23, 2014

perfect christmas date!

on saturday we had the most perfect christmas date! 
we went down to salt lake and walked around and looked at the lights at temple square and after that we went and ate at the roof. i've never been just only heard about it. the roof was wonderful. i ordered this yummy orange/cranberry drink with a hint of lime. and my goodness it was GOOD. 
brandon ordered a thing of egg nog and boy was he in heaven. 
the food and service was so nice buuuut that place is crazy expensive. ha ha we decided we won't be going there until our 50th anniversary. ha ha after that we went to the nutcracker. i can't even began to say how much i loved that. it was perfect. my mama use to take me when i was a little girl so its been quite some years since i last went and it was so fun. 
next life i'm either going to be a dolphin trainer or a ballerina. 
^^if you look you can see brandons egg nog. it was the best egg nog we've ever had!^^
and thats a wrap. yes i know i look suuuuuper fat now. baby boy is decided to grow now. 
thanks for taking me on a date hubby. 
i'll always remember this. xoxo 

December 22, 2014

ogden lights!

couple sundays ago we went to the lights in ogden. i love going to them every year. its such a fun little tradition and i can't wait to take my kids in the future to see them! it was a little strange this year going and not freezing and walking through snow. praying for snow for christmas this year! 
good time and good memories.

December 21, 2014

family christmas party 14'

family christmas parties are the best. 
my side of my family with all my cousins and aunts, grandparents, etc is huge and always a lot of fun. this year it was at my grandmas church. the boys played football, basketball. we ate tons of goodies and food. (like we always do) and we played a few games. we did a candy cane pass game and also a relay race. it was super fun and hilarious if i might add. love my crazy family. 
last years party found HERE
^^this photo looks like they were mad at me for stopping there game to take a picture but really they were yelling at my brother luke right by me to go play with them! ha^^
^^i mean how cute are they??!!^^
^^hahahahhahahahahahhahaha get the cookie from forehead to mouth!^^
^^Amelia helping mom!^^
^^best moment.^^
^^my two cousins and I are all pregnant at the same time! Stacey (far left) is due in January and becky (far right) is due in april! 
^^she really is the light of our lives. we love you little Amelia!^^
^^thanks grandma for the stockings and baby gifts!^^

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