January 1, 2015

christmas 2014!

christmas day was wonderful! 
it was one of my favorites really. this one i will always remember lots of fun memories and good time were made. brandon and i are big on having a little time to ourselves and making sure our little family has alone time to make memories. 
that christmas morning i woke up at 5:40 (totally wasn't planning on that early) and i sat awake till about 7ish for brandon to wake up. the joy of being pregnant i guess. we woke up and had a nice little morning. we opened up our gifts from each other and even baby boy got a few gifts too! 
it was a wonderful day. the holidays are such a wonderful time. 
^^brandon got this ottoman for downstairs! he picked it all out!^^
^^boys will be boys. ha ha he loves these little mini helmets to decorate his office with!^^
^^i love willow trees and i always wanted this one when i become a mama and santa got one of me. 
thanks santa it means so much!^^
^^spoiled little boy! brandon surprised me with all of this i was totally shocked and so happy!^^
^^baby boy got a little note from santa!^^
^^guys this pillow is amaaazzzzing.^^
^^a man and his tools.... sexy :)^^
^^after our little christmas we went to my mama's house. all my siblings were there and can i just say i LOVE when were all together. my parents gave us this awesome waffle maker. we used it already and we loved it! ps. thanks for the towels too parents!^^
^^baby bumpin on christmas!^^
^^my sister gave this sibling gift to brandon. he loves it.^^ 
silly photo is a must. gotta love these crazy peeps. 
it was a wonderful christmas day.
so thankful for the real reason for the season. 
and words can't even say how excited i am to have a little one next year for christmas! 


  1. your pajama baby bump. my favorite! you look great!

    1. Thank you so much! He sure is growing like crazy!


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