January 20, 2015

baby updates!

over here at the granges house its all about baby! 
we are preparing for this little guy like crazy. 
1. we went and picked out a paint color for his room. a light gray we love it! 
2. we love to feel his little movements and kicks together. he likes his daddys voice. 
3. we got the crib and set it up! it was so fun.. more pictures to come on that project. 
4. my mother gave us a rocking chair and she spent many hours recovering the cushions and brandon spent many hours taking it apart and repainting it. its perfect. 
5. 30 week check up! everything is going well! 
6. we got all the crib stuff. my mom did such a good job. i love love love it! 
7. 30 weeks and 6 days in that photo. i love to hang out in the babys room. 
8. brandon found all his old legos and he set them up in the corner of the dresser and his little jordan shoes. it was very cute. he's so excited to be a dad! 
9. 31 weeks and growing like a weed! 

January 14, 2015

30 Weeks!!

30 weeks!! 
i'm a have mixed emotions because i'm 30 weeks! i have less than 10 weeks to go. honestly i'm so excited but also slightly freaking out. i remember when i was barely 10 weeks. i remember thinking i'm 10 weeks holy cow i'm so far along and now i look back and laugh. 
you get to this point of your pregnancy where you're like bring on the nursery and decorating and baby showers and then you also have this point where your like give me more time i'm not ready! 
that is me right now to a T. 
i wonder what this little handsome guy is going to look like. more like his mama or his dad. lots of hair or completely bald? dark skin or light. both brandon and i were born with really dark hair and dark skin. i just can't wait to meet him!
how far along are you? technically 30 weeks and 6 days. 
gender? boy! 
how big is baby? he is the size of a butternut squash (17in, 3.1 lbs) 
maternity clothes? still just my one pair of pants. i thank my lucky stars for them. ha 
sleep? sleep is good. it takes me awhile to fall asleep and he thinks its party in my tummy when i lay down. but really no complaints. just need my sleep. :) 
movement? yup. he loves to push and kick his mama. his movements are my favorite. 
weight gain? doctors apt yesterday and i gained 4 pounds in 4 weeks! i'm a chunker. 
food cravings? not really. i just see or think of stuff i want and won't stop tell i get it. 
this week strawberries and homemade rootbeer. 
food aversions? nope. 
labor signs? nope. 
belly button in or out? i like to say half way in and half way out. 
best moment this week? hearing his little heartbeat at the doctors apt. he's doing so well. 
some happy moments? sitting down and just watch my tummy ripple back and forth as he moves and kicks. really he has stolen my heart. 
what am i looking forward to? baby showers!!! WHAOOO! and decorating the room. 
love you baby boy. 

January 2, 2015


happy 2015! 
i can't believe another year has gone by. soooo fast. 
this year was a wonderful year. so many things happened and wonderful memories made. 
i got to have my first garden and grow my own flowers and made my very first trip to disneyland and sea world. this year was a really good year. 
my most favorite part was finding out my dream of being a mother was coming true. 
and best part to a baby boy
thanks for being such a good year 2014. i learned lots, made lots of fun memories and really just had a good time. you will be missed..buuuut
bring on 2015 baby!!! 

January 1, 2015

christmas 2014!

christmas day was wonderful! 
it was one of my favorites really. this one i will always remember lots of fun memories and good time were made. brandon and i are big on having a little time to ourselves and making sure our little family has alone time to make memories. 
that christmas morning i woke up at 5:40 (totally wasn't planning on that early) and i sat awake till about 7ish for brandon to wake up. the joy of being pregnant i guess. we woke up and had a nice little morning. we opened up our gifts from each other and even baby boy got a few gifts too! 
it was a wonderful day. the holidays are such a wonderful time. 
^^brandon got this ottoman for downstairs! he picked it all out!^^
^^boys will be boys. ha ha he loves these little mini helmets to decorate his office with!^^
^^i love willow trees and i always wanted this one when i become a mama and santa got one of me. 
thanks santa it means so much!^^
^^spoiled little boy! brandon surprised me with all of this i was totally shocked and so happy!^^
^^baby boy got a little note from santa!^^
^^guys this pillow is amaaazzzzing.^^
^^a man and his tools.... sexy :)^^
^^after our little christmas we went to my mama's house. all my siblings were there and can i just say i LOVE when were all together. my parents gave us this awesome waffle maker. we used it already and we loved it! ps. thanks for the towels too parents!^^
^^baby bumpin on christmas!^^
^^my sister gave this sibling gift to brandon. he loves it.^^ 
silly photo is a must. gotta love these crazy peeps. 
it was a wonderful christmas day.
so thankful for the real reason for the season. 
and words can't even say how excited i am to have a little one next year for christmas! 

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