October 6, 2015

pizza and a family bike ride!

sunday was a good day. 
we were together all day and let me just say those are my most very favorite days. 
for my birthday brandon got me a little bike carrier for andrew to ride in so we could go on family bike rides and my goodness best birthday gift ever. we go every chance we can now.. we love it! 
andrew doesn't seem to hate it but he isn't giggling either. he just enjoy's the ride. ha 
thank you hubby for getting it for me! 
also we always wanted to try grilling pizza. it was our first time and it turned out pretty good but i'd have to say i'd just stick to the oven. lots faster and easier! 
below are some photos of our sunday afternoon! 
^^this is andrew saying no more flipping photos. ha!^^
^^don't worry brandon wasn't choking him! ha^^
^^more cheese the better!^^
^^yes i do realize i have bags under my eyes.... that's what being a mom does to you. ha!^^
^^this kid and his blue eyes.... gets us everytime.^^
^^andrew's new trick!^^
^^cutest little thing and yes those are swim towels around him.
 we like to keep things classy around here.^^
best family activity ever. can't wait to go on more bike rides until it snows. 
seriously though. :)

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