September 30, 2013

A lovely weekend

Our weekend was just lovely. 
reasons why.... number 1: our house was cleaned spotless! 
number 2: the house smelled like brownies
number 3: had a movie night 
number 4: best friends wedding 
number 5: costa vida
number 6: had a open house party 
number 7: bought some christmas decorations 
number 8: got the house all the way done!!
number 9: jamba juice 
number 10: being with the husband 24/7 

September 25, 2013


For my 21 birthday I always wanted to go to Vegas. NOT because you're the "age" I just thought it would be a fun birthday getaway. After work last Friday we got in the car and drove down there. I'm not going to lie I kinda like car rides with the husband. We play would you rather games and ask questions, and my favorite tell stories. I've never been to Vegas so when we got there, it really was like a whole new world. Bright lights everywhere, huge buildings, buildings with different shapes and sizes. Vegas really is it's own world. We got there pretty late so we decided to explore the hotel and of course get ice cream. 
^^bet you can't guess which one is husbands^^
^^this is on top of the hotel it was soooo windy^^
^^the next morning we went to Dennys for breakfast^^ 
^^ eiffel tower in Vegas??? Guess I don't need to go to Paris ;)^^
^^soooo husband and I may have split up for 2 hours. BUT for a very good reason, I wanted to do some shopping and he reaaaallly wanted to watch a football game. So he went to the men cave and I went in heaven. 
^^Caesars Palace is one pretty cool place, I highly recommend seeing it^^
^^in caesers palace they have a little gelato shop. oh. my. goodness. It was sooooo good. If you have never had a gelato before you NEED to. Its so smooth and really melts in your mouth. 
^^mango for me, and cookies and cream for him^^
^^husband was soooo happy about the nike store and his favorite team stuff^^
^^we went to the coke factory and tried the 16 different flavors from across the world. Let me tell you I'm not a pop drinker so I really couldn't taste them it was all fizzy but boy some I could and they were nasty... poor people in other countries having that as there pop.^^
^next we stopped at the M&M factory. If i could I would have bought all the different kind of flavors^
^^soooooooo many^^
^^camera on the left, and iphone on the right haha^^
Vegas you're pretty rad, but I don't think i'll ever take my kids there, not till they're 25 at least ;) I really felt like I saw Paris, Disneyland and Venice all in one day. Birthday celebrations are done now, and my husband sure does know how to make it a good one. I sure do love him. Thanks for the fun trip, and everyone thanks for reading my birthday post. They're done now. :) 

September 24, 2013

Din Din on a Windy Tuesday Night

Tonight was a happy night. We invited Jake and Jyl over for dinner to make tin-foil dinners, and hang around the fire. We first started by prepping the dinner and the boys were building the fire. Little did we know the wind had another plans for us this evening. It was some crazy wind.... we only got to sit around the fire for a little bit, then had to take the party inside. (never as fun), but its a good thing VINE was invented because seriously that is some funny stuff, we spent 45 minutes watching them. I"m so thankful that my brother and his wife live close so we can have little dinners together. Until next time fire-pit! 

September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me! I looooooovve birthdays, and I really love mine. I think birthdays are the greatest, I really do. This birthday was the best, beats last years birthday for sure. That husband of mine sure does spoil me. I was so happy that my birthday was on a Sunday so I could sleep in and have a morning with the hubby. I was actually kinda excited to see how this would turn out because he's the main birthday party thrower now. He's the one who had to blow up balloons, see what I wanted for my birthday breakfast, and be the main present guy. He completely went way over the expected line. Here are a few pictures from the birthday morning. 
^^ do you see that adorable bike?? That's what I wanted for my birthday, I haven't had my own bike since I was 5. I was so happy.^^
^^he did such a great job decorating. He really is the sweetest, he picked flowers for the table, and turned on the birthday candle, he literally thought of everything^^
^^gift card to my new favorite store^^
^^uuuuuhhh what is this, is this a joke??^^
^^all I wanted for breakfast was doughnuts and orange julius, oh and a candle^^
^^makin' a birthday wish! later on in the day we went to my parents for dinner, and cake and ice cream. I told my mom what birthday cake I wanted, and of course she made this adorable one^^
^^the cutest birthday cake ever^^
^^that sexy man and my birthday cake, and my little niece trying to open the presents^^
^^isn't my mother the greatest?? she made this^^
^^my in laws know how much I looooove cotton candy, so they bought me one :)^^
At the end of the birthday we decided to try out this cotton candy maker, and oh my goodness it's so yuummmmy. I love it. Thank you in-laws! Oh and hey husband, I just wanted to say thanks for making my birthday the greatest, i'm so blessed to have you in my life, i cannot wait till your birthday. Also everyone else who wished me happy birthday thank you it truly made my day. oooh and family thank you very much. I love you all!

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