July 21, 2016

our ward camp out!

i'm honestly a little sad over it. ha! summer is going by waaaay to fast. 
before you know it, it will be fall and all the goodness but i'm not ready for that yet. 
our summer has been a good one. july has been really busy with lots of stuff and last weekend 
we went to our ward camp out up at north fork! 
it was really fun! i'm so glad we went. 
we got up there and set up and cooked dinner with our group of ward friends.
i'll tell you what its really fun and great to have friends in your ward. 
i'm so happy we do! 
afterwards we all hung out and talked and swung on this awesome rope swing ha! 
and enjoyed time by the fire and smores.
i didn't take much photos but below are the ones i did! 
^^oh man...brandon i'm so glad i married you! hahahah^^
^^he was all about that swing with his daddy!^^
^^some of my cute ward girl friends and cute baby mack!^^
like i said not much photos of the little trip. 
but it was a good bonding time with the ward. 
now off to enjoy the last week of july! 

July 12, 2016

malad summit!

over fourth of july weekend we went camping to malad summit! 
i have gone there 2 times before but brandon never has and my goodness i forgot how pretty it was up there! this place might be our new favorite little place to go! 
it was a low key weekend. filled with lots of card games and treats and reading and spending time with the family! it was a good weekend! 
photos below! 
^^we actually took this the last day so luke had already left but man i love this clan!
ps. cute baby bump jyl!!^^
^^daddy's girl right here!^^
^^this water was freezing! but it was soooo pretty!^^
^^we were always the first ones up every morning (thank you andrew) and this is when him and me were just sitting around one morning and brandon goes thats a cute picture, so he goes grab my camera and andrew started to look at me and smile... 
moments like those i just wanna keep him little forever!!^^
^^on saturday we went and floated the lava hot springs river! that river is so much fun!^^
^^that river is brutal but we had a good time!^^
^^jake and the hammock!^^
^^my dad took andrew on a 4 wheeler ride for maybe 5 minutes 
and he came back and andrew was out! ha ha^^ 
^^so so tired. this little boy goes so hard at camping. he loves it though and we love that he does!^^
^^right before we were heading out andrew was running around on top of the trailer and everyone was trying to grab him and he thought it was the best!^^
^^gotta love self timer pictures but i sure do love this little fella of mine. 
he makes me the happiest and makes me life full!^^

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