December 30, 2014

christmas eve!

christmas eve was a wonderful day. 
something about the holidays i swear. gotta love them. 
brandon had to go to work that morning but was home by the time i practically got up. ha ha i spent the morning straightening up the house and making gingerbread cookies. my goodness they were amazing. it was a good day. here are some photos of the day! 
^^hanging out at my mama's house with all my siblings. its my favorite when we're all together.^^
^^guys i did my research and if you're on the look out for a really good gingerbread men recipe that's so yummy and soft, you gotta try this one. seriously i'm hooked!^^
^^hubby and I decorated them. ha ha^^
^^after hanging out at my moms we went to my in-laws. she made these stockings. aren't they so cute??!! they're a lot of hard work!^^
^^playing games!^^
^^christmas eve pjs from my in-laws!^^
^^28 weeks read more HERE!^^
^^i loved growing up and getting christmas eve pjs so i will continue to do this tradition with my own little family. brandon got b-ball shorts! so exicted to get mister baby pjs next year!^^
^^this awesome eye mask came with my pjs. ha ha i've never had one before but i love the idea of it! probably won't sleep with it because it also freaks me out.^^
christmas eve pjs! 
christmas eve you were a good one.
many many many memories made! 

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