December 29, 2015

christmas eve

i could really hint myself right about now. 
i took no pictures on christmas eve. (**%#@$^&!)
that's how i feel about that. 
i guess i was to busy making memories. ha! 
it was the most perfect chritsmas eve. probably my favorite. this year has been my favorite with everything and i'm 99.99% sure its cause of andrew. 
we started off the day by straightening up the house and just being together, 
brandon didn't have to work this year which was the best. 
i made gingerbread men and we watched santa claus 2. 
later on in the day we went to my moms. all of my siblings were there besides my oldest brother. we ate (which we do best) and played games and grandpa even got all the old tractors out for the kids.
it was a good day. 
can't believe christmas has come and gone. 
but i'm excited to see what the next year has in store for us granges!
last years christmas eve can be found HERE 
^^seriously andrew's heaven.^^
can't wait for the summer to go ride the tractor with grandpa! 
hope you had a wonderful christmas eve!

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