June 29, 2016

Air Show + A Video!

on sunday we went and watched the hill air force base air show! 
we didn't want to go onto base with so many people so we drove around and parked right by the runway on the road and popped the trunk open and watched it! 
we were so close it was awesome.
we packed a few snacks and andrew was all about the oreos! ha! 
between performances andrew grabbed a wipe and started cleaning the car. it was the cutest. 
you can watch it in this short little video i made! 
enjoy the video and pictures below! 

^^so happy to be watching the planes!^^
^^i love you hubby!^^
^^they were right above us it was pretty awesome and loud!^^
the end result of eating an oreo! 

June 27, 2016

oneida narrows!

summer is in full swing around here! 
we have enjoyed it by going camping and just being outside.
this summer might be my favorite one yet.
fathers day weekend we went camping to one of our favorite place, oneida narrows!
it was so much fun!
that place is seriously beautiful and being with my love ones, doing what we love...
man, there's nothing better than that. 
some photos of the time below.
ps. last year here.... goodness andrew was so little! 
^^it really is so beautiful here!^^
^^helping daddy get the fishing pool ready!^^
^^uncle kyle showing andrew the fish daddy caught.... andrew was not a fan! ha^^
^^andrew's first time floating the river... he didn't like getting splashed but other than that he liked it! 
kept wanting to put his hands in the water!^^
^^this is when he got splashed and needed mama!^^
^^little boys playing with trucks and tractors!^^
^^cousin karter had this dumptruck and andrew was all about it! he pushed that everywhere!
he loved it so much that 2 days later when we came home we went and bought him one!^^
^^these boys and their grandpa! they look so big compared to last years photo of that!^^
^^the water was so cold i didn't want to sit down ha!^^
^^the clan going down the river!^^
^^this boy sure does love his daddy!^^
it was such a good time. 
anytime that invloves family, food and outdoors is a great time!
last year at oneida found HERE 
and 2014 can be HERE

June 15, 2016

my little boy

this little fella is growing up so fast whether i like it or not.
he's going to be 15 months on thursday and this little stage he's in right now is just so much fun!
i just wanna write some stuff down so i can remember how he was at 15 months.
he's such a little boy. loves tractors, cars and being outside oh and he loves books.
he likes to help me water flowers and the garden.
 he loves to play in his sandbox and the garden. loves dirt! ha
loves mater from cars and dusty from planes. anytime he see's a plane outside we say
"look andrew there's dusty" and he just gets a big smile. its the cutest.
he can quack like a duck, bark like a doggie and say dadgum like mater.
he still takes two naps a day and eat's like a champ and really loves chocolate milk in the morning!
he has mastered throwing fits if he doesn't get his way. he will lay on the ground or stop his feet.
when he falls or something goes wrong or he's mad at someone he will point his little finger at you or the object and get mad at it. it really is hilarious.
he's such a talker. he's always gib gabbin (i just made that word up ha!) we love his little voice.
he's the best at giving kisses and hugs.
oh and waving goodbye and blowing kisses.
little andrew i love who you are, i love that you're mine and i'm so proud of you!
happy 15 months baby boy.
ps. last year at the same time we took photos in front of the purple flowers and he was SO little.
blog post of that can be found HERE

June 8, 2016

DISNEYLAND + a video!

when we were in california we decided to go to disneyland! 
it was an hour drive but it was sooo worth it! 
this is my second time going to disneyland and that place seriously is magical. 
having andrew there made it even better. throughout the day i almost needed to pinch myself
because it seriously was the most magical best day.
i kept telling brandon this day has to make my favorite top 5 days of my life so far. ha!
at the end of the video is when we were riding into the park at the first of the day
 and we saw andrew's favorite thing ever.. MATER from cars.
he loves mater and we love that he does! and you'll have to excuse my mom voice. 
sometimes you get way to excited for your kids. ha! 
and i do have to say my favorite part of this video is when donald duck tickles andrew. 
that seriously was the best ever!
enjoy the video and here are some photos of the day below!
^^seriously we were so happy to be at disneyland!^^
^^the flowers and trees at disneyland were breathtaking. everything was so beautiful!^^
^^his little cheeks kill me!^^
^^family selfie!^^
^^the best treat at disneyland!^^
^^we didn't know how andrew would react to the characters. we didn't know if he would love them or be totally terrified but he did great! he loved pluto and donald duck the best. he even gave lots of the characters kisses. it was seriously the best watching him with them!^^
^^we love micky!^^
^^oh goofy you're so goofy!^^
^^ andrew was completely terrified of cruella de vil! it was so funny he kept turning his head so he wouldn't have to look at her!^^ 
^^2016 grad!!! we celebrated at disneyland... what better way!^^
^^he was in heaven in toontown! he loved driving that car!^^
it was the best day ever. 
seriously when we look at photos from that day
 or watch the video it just puts a smile on all our faces. 
its a good thing disneyland is forever away because if it was close by i'd totally go all. the. time. 
two years ago at disneyland can be found HERE.

June 6, 2016

north fork camping!

we went camping for the first time this year up at north fork!
this is coming our favorite little camp place close to home. its so beautiful up there! 
spending time outdoors and being with the ones you love really gets to me. 
i really love camping! i'm so thankful we're a camping family! 
this weekend was much needed. may came and went in a blur. 
lots of weddings, graduations, flu, colds, teething baby and a big trip and much more.
may left me tired and ready for summer so this camping trip this weekend was awesome!
it was very relaxing and wanna know the best part? i read a whole book!!!! 
in two whole days i started and finished a book. it was so nice. 
thats my favorite thing to do while camping is sit around the fire and read a good book. 
if you're on the lookout for a good book read the selection series. SO GOOD. 
photos of the weekend below! 
^^the view going up to camp. it was beautiful!^^
^^helping dad cook breakfast!^^
^^this little fella loves camping! last year he was 4 months when we went camping so we didn't really know what to expect this year because of a crazy little toddler boy but he was a champ. 
climbed onto everything, always was holding rocks or sticks and loved just being outside!^^
^^helping daddy start the fire. 
I think brandon is enjoying having a little boy around to show all these things too!^^
^^outta focus but this photo makes me happy. i love you husband!^^
^^these two make my heart pitter patter!^^
surpsingly i didn't take that much photos this weekend i was to busy reading. ha! 
here is last years blog post at north fork... i can't handle how little andrew was! 
cheers to more camping trips this year!!!

June 1, 2016

video: oceanside, california!

when we were in california i filmed a little bit to remember some of the fun moments we had!
like andrews first time touching the ocean and him dancing and just enjoying the ocean together.
the trip really was so much fun! 
enjoy the video! 
pictures from the trip can be found HERE

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