September 3, 2015

mirror lake: part two!

oh mirror lake. 
mirror lake is the best camping trip. it's always a little bittersweet at the end because its the best trip of the summer but you know its your last camping trip of the summer too. waaaah. 
fall is right around the corner. leaves are already changing and falling. say what! 
anyways this is the last of the week when the rest of my siblings came up. it was a good time. 
we went for a little walk around part of the lake, ate plenty of good food, had funny conversations around the fire and card games. it was a good time. 
here is mirror lake: part 1 if you missed it! 
^^asking my brother to smile and this is what i get. ha!^^
^^one of these things is not like the other. hahaha the thing with us naisbitts and especially naisbitt boys is they're all the same. from their outfits to their hats to their sunglasses!^^
^^little amelia got to come up camping. I LOVE HER.^^
^^every year we say its his last but i swear copper is drinking some "stay alive forever" stuff.^^
^^the most cutest little boy cousins in the world.^^
^^his little gummy smile he's been doing ha!^^
^^kyle is a awesome brother and even better uncle!^^
^^hahah trying to take a cousin picture is not simple. andrew clearly didn't want to be sitting on that log. cutest little kids i ever did see though.^^
^^brandon and i went for a little canoe ride and i caught a fish! my little camera i took out there died right before i caught the dang thing. anywho i was proud of myself.^^
^^siblings and their babies!^^
^^oh my heart. going to explode with love for this kid!^^
my family. 
they bring such joy and happiness to my life. 
i sure do love them all much! 

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