December 4, 2014

thanksgiving day 14'

this thanksgiving was a good one. hello food. 
how could it not. it was very simple. 
its all my siblings off year so we're suppose to go with in laws but they went on vacation so we ended up going again this year with my family. it was a good day. 
last years thanksgiving found HERE 
^^hello baby bump! this was when i was 24 weeks. baby is doing well and last apt we gained 6 pounds! whaooo go baby! i'm so thankful for this little boy in my tummy and for the chance i get to be his mama soon. i sure do love him^^
^^what a cutie he is!^^
^^these ladies are all so pretty!^^
^^my plate! baby and I was very happy!^^
^^it was a good time. so many things to be thankful for each year and everyday day.^^
ps. look at that tiny little girl in the background please smiling. 
^^that night we did the tradition of watching christmas vacation. homemade frostys and popcorn. what could be better than that!^^
hope your thanksgiving was wonderful. 

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