November 17, 2015

happy 8 months andrew!

happy 8 months my sweet angel! 
i say this everytime but how is he 8 months?!! 
brandon tells me that no matter what he's going to grow up so i might as well enjoy each stage. (which i do.) it just hurts my mama heart to see how fast he's growing up. 
this last month with andrew was super fun. 
he keeps me on my toes and always makes me smile. he's the best little friend. 
*little andrew within the last month*
-loves to be outside and if he can't go outside he loves looking out the window!
-he's scooting like crazy. he will be crawling by next month i bet. 
-squints his eyes 
-fakes cough and cries 
-thinks when brandon or i clap its funny
-slept through the whole night (first time ever doing that) 11-13-15
-has 7 teeth 
-eats all the time. (bottomless pit!)
-wearing 6 month clothing
-size 2 diapers 
-says mama and dadda but chit chats all the time
-scoots to mama and whimpers for me to pick him up
-likes to kiss his mama the best
-learned to suck out of a straw
-started eating stage 3 baby foods and some big people food
-thinks daddy is the most fun and loves to do "da da da" with him 
-whimpers for food or more food 
-loves animals but mostly dogs
-had his first cold 
-takes 3 naps a day and anywhere from 45 minutes long to 3 hours! 
-loves to drink water
-grabs and eat everything in sight 
-moves his hand across his mouth to make noise
-goes to bed around 8:30-9 and wakes up from 6-6:30!
-sits up by himself 
-shakes his head no
-has learned to push food out with his tongue if he doesn't want it 
-bits the spoon 
-gargles all the time 
-his favorite place to be his home. (just like his mama and daddy!)
happy 8 months baby boy! 
last month update found HERE

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  1. I hope Adilee's hair grows like Andrews! Its so LONG!


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