August 25, 2015

take me out to the ball game!

we went to a baseball game couple weekends ago! 
little andrew's first baseball game. he was a happy baby and i'd say he enjoyed himself too. ha 
the game was good and spending time with my brother and sister in law is always a treat also! 
after we left the game we were walking back to our car and brandon goes ummm where is the car? 
talk about freak out moment. i said you have the keys right?!! and he said yes we walked to where the car was and realized we parked in a spot where we weren't suppose to and the car got towed! 
talk about lucky. 
the worst part about it wasn't the fact our car got towed it was the fact that the dumb towing company  didn't have a way to get a hold of them until monday and it was friday night and andrew's carseat was in the car! we had no idea where the car was or anything. 
long story short don't mess with me or my baby's carseat. ha ha 
that towing company has made my "i do not like you list."
thee end. 


  1. oh man, that would be so stressful!

    1. oh man you have no idea!
      i wasn't going to drive little andrew home without a carseat. i was so furious!
      ha ha


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